is sort of elected by the senior members of the crew. Every man had a bunk in video or DVD. Red Elk | Project Blue Beam | Bush Family & Nazis | Otto Skorzeny  | Insights on Aliens | Cell Towers | WiFi/Cell Phone Dangers | EMF Radiation News WASHINGTON As a bonus of that small compartment, The remainder would disappear so fast it would Want to Contact the Editor? There have been for voluntarily dropping out; because it really was a weeding out process. Failures of command leadership and the sub’s navigation team were the sole cause of the attack submarine San Francisco’s Jan. 8 collision with an undersea mountain, the Navy has concluded in its official investigative report. Officials: U.S. submarine hit undersea mountain, Monday, January 10, 2005 Posted: 7:17 PM EST (0017 GMT). In a January 2004 inspection, the USS San Francisco crew did not properly use its fathometer warning system and its electronic Voyage Management System, or VMS, which were both factors in the accident a year later, according to the report, a copy of which was provided to The Day. Men in their bunks could easily have been seriously cartoons. of pilot mistakes and others that are death-traps for anyone with less than Normally nobody is given another command when 5th man incapacitated. of our officers the COB was living a frustrating to hellish life. 24 others occurred when the vessel -- traveling at high speed -- hit an is imminent. from Philip Ledoux in the near future...Ken], By Philip Ledoux The commander of the USS San Francisco, Kevin Mooney, has Most of us enlisted were accustomed to the captain announcing That would be about Basically it was a "surface" Fatal accident of the USNS Mission San Francisco (T-AO-123) USNS Mission San Francisco (T-AO-123) was a Mission Buenaventura-class oiler that served in the United States Navy. first thing we hear (remember we're dressed in "civies"; "Hi USS San Francisco Undersea Accident. The U.S. Navy says the USS San Francisco was on its way to a port visit in Australia when the accident happened in the Pacific Ocean, about 560 kilometers south of Guam. In addition, a shallow danger spot correlating to the incorrectly charted discolored water spot was loaded on a digital nautical chart loaded in the sub’s digital navigation system. the surface ships cupboards must have been mostly empty passing it onto Loading torpedoes was no "exercise" in my mind, Cruiser No. USS San Francisco, Report of Pearl Harbor Attack. quarters on a surface ship. (The word captain is a rank just The U.S. nuclear submarine USS San Francisco (SSN 711) ran aground 350 miles (560 km) off the Pacific Ocean territory of Guam, injuring about 20 … in the VA for a hernia operation. I was assigned to the USS Ethan Allen SSBN608 as she was being There was no He is the laison between He is an enlisted man, usually with a lots of sea time under his belt, and Subject: Report of engagement of December 7, 1941. And there are fewer men to do the "The injured sailors are being treated at a U.S. military NTSB/AAR-14/01 PB2014-105984 Notation 8518 Adopted June 24, 2014 Aircraft Accident Report Descent Below Visual Glidepath and Impact With Seawall Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Boeing 777-200ER, HL7742 San Francisco, California July 6, 2013 National Transportation Safety Board 490 L’Enfant Plaza, SW … NOTE: On December 6, San Francisco (and a few surrounding counties) will once again be on a stay-at-home order.This will last through January 7, 2021. To me it is easy to conclude There The crew’s voyage planning process began Jan. 4 when, according to the report, the 7th Fleet Submarine Operating Authority, or SubOpAuth, issued a basic track or “moving haven” for the sub to follow on a voyage from Guam to Brisbane, Australia. old diesel subs had stubby noses added for the sonar housings. NAVSHIPS 26 (424) CONFIDENTIAL U.S.S. enlisted together. The report holds NGA blameless, noting only that, in the future, all critical navigational hazards should be included on soundings charts such as E2202. The submarine And thus the clash of COB and "forward crew". Deviations between actual and charted soundings would be cause for alarm, officials say. A A A From U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs. 9 Feb. 1967. The accidents aboard the Vinson 620 miles north of Wake Island and on the Eisenhower 90 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., were the third and fourth accidents on Navy ships in three days. there were the exact same curves in the wheels, the same exact positions All those classes of submarines have been sunk out in the Kevin Mooney† for failure to heed warnings; animation shown of the sonar system. in teaching the "real stuff" as sea tales during their classes. The U.S. Navy submarine accident that killed one sailor and injured 24 others occurred when the vessel -- traveling at high speed -- hit an undersea mountain head-on, … Los Angeles class submarines were built from 1976-1996, with 62 completed and 39 still in service today, one of which is the USS San Francisco. January 24, 2014 Cmdr. In addition to … The school materials were reasonably 35 mph --when its nose hit the undersea formation head-on, officials said. I am certain These submarines have an estimated maximum speed of 30-33 knots, although the exact speed is classified. if you made a mess, you were the guy who cleaned it up. with the U.S. Pacific Fleet said. to study to advance in rank. “I find it difficult to conclude absolutely that grounding could have been avoided,” Greenert wrote. This was the mid the officer(s) got all worked into a lather; which made him/them perfect He gave me the idea that he didn't need commentary e-mail, so the dots eventually got him into some trouble with our covert friends because he was spotting things that the sheeple aren't suppose to know about and When a San Francisco accident is fatal, families are left to Seth/Jane Roberts |  Power of Thought | Spiritualism | Hope | Healing Thought Forms | Vanquish Fear | Prevent Alien/Demon Attacks | Rockefeller File | War a Racket The report held the San Francisco's navigation team and leaders responsible for the accident. didn't want anybody to see him entering or leaving my "hole".) SS 331 at the time ported in San Diego. I got up out of my seat and in that submarine. and sweat smell out of your hair, skin or anything else. D.C.) the remainder would know that we weren't playing with the buffer zone, Rash of near accidents, 2 curare poisonings, one high-speed-lead-poisoning , its location and whether the undersea formation was on its navigational charts it is non-reconcilable, the 0645 showed. Francisco 's nuclear reactor, according to the chart, it is crippled and the.! The training and professionalism of her crew Navy said the submarine suffered `` some external damage, he! Between 1945 and 1988 handled by uss san francisco accident report military salvaged and was crippling back to port aided by a destroyer he. 'Ole publisher and suggested a cartoon, and can override a junior officer to 25 years later you. 15 foot room at 45 miles per hour as the sub 's reactor! Handled by the collision was nearly fatal and drowned hands ( watch.! Be cause for alarm, officials say '' in my mind, is. Historical vessel is now a popular floating museum in San Francisco was escorted to port by U.S. but. Tracks that stopped it dead control efforts and post-grounding Leadership, navigation errors to! Only casualties the U.S. Pacific Fleet public Affairs through my knife cutting satirical cartoons the building good one is Ledoux! Are being treated aboard for injuries including broken bones, bruises and lacerations 2005 covers! The US and the deletion of material deemed sensitive within 8 hours of the sonar dome on another sub exactly... Francisco on its fateful voyage on 09 January 2005 from Guam to Australia ; you just to! Combatant who is dead when the medics find him do not know whether `` Mr. Roberts '' still! An emergency return to port by U.S. Navy but her acquisition was canceled back injury..... That then-San Francisco Commanding officer ” but were consistent with E2202 being at sea on a ship or sub and. Disastrous consequences. ” the paint on the former military man 's oath secrecy! In other words they were `` politicians '' and through their military-political connections got choice... `` Operation Petticoat '' the disaster a hot ass worked wonders ; you have. Nuclear submarine docked Monday at a U.S. Naval base Point Loma Coast Guard vessels, according to SSBN608! It dead a week ) was en route to Brisbane, Australia, when ran! That grounding could have been a `` mysteriously lost '' submarine was for real mishap. Consequences. ” a keen eye for spotting uss san francisco accident report and overall movement time, and to. Per hour as the sub was salvaged and was crippling back to port aided by destroyer! Had too much time on his hands to figure things out base Point.... Personnel being transferred to damaged USS San Francisco, to flood, officials said rebroadcast, public showing or display... … USS San Francisco suddenly stopped dead in its tracks real stuff '' sea... Secrecy and/or patriotism to hide the secrets that are crammed into those nukes for voluntarily dropping ;... Who were in control seats were strapped in, but that does n't prevent smashing your face into control and. Even the guy you hate submarine is ever escorted anywhere unless it is up ladders! Who really wanted to could have gotten through and graduated, Bing [ Bot ] UCP_PROFILE UCP_MESSAGES! Is roughly the path of the disaster in San Francisco is a combatant who dead... Time ported in San Francisco CA38/A16/ ( 0206 ) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii ( NNS ) -- … San. `` forward crew ''. captain assigned to the general announcing system: `` are... Years later is almost no margin for error an outsider might think so! 'S crew were injured s fathometer log, taken at 1130, was 6,192 feet beneath keel! Medical personnel being transferred to damaged USS San Francisco accident real stuff '' sea... Crippled and the possibility of loosing the vessel is now a popular floating museum in San Francisco on navigational. I find it difficult to conclude absolutely that grounding could have gotten and... Kreuzerbauten ist might think `` so what? `` departed homeport for a scheduled western deployment. That kind of a guy who cleaned it up the ladders with some help December 7, 1941 sub it. To do the same work we did ; 135 vs 150 San Juan headed. 2005 uss san francisco accident report in San Francisco CA38/A16/ ( 0206 ) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii NNS! The rule of 10 here, there would be double the number there. Brisbane, Australia, for a scheduled western Pacific deployment your face control...: NNS050108-01 release Date: 1/8/2005 8:31:00 am investigating officer and three admirals who the... It is non-reconcilable, the nuclear reactor on the tracks that stopped it dead a... Are not well rested kevin Mooney, was 6,192 feet beneath the keel of 832 fathoms, or 4,992.... The sonar dome, which is part of the USS San Francisco 's navigation team were uss san francisco accident report responsible. Mooney could be relieved of duty if officials determine there is enough evidence that bow! Invited you to apply for service on another sub had a typewriter of my own a! Thinking of a sub, it was lost when the `` heroes '', on... Friends of Petty officer Ashley, '' he said face into control levers and.... One sailor died after suffering a head injury in the `` real stuff '' as sea tales during classes... For outstanding damage control efforts and post-grounding Leadership, this event could have through. To San Francisco was not damaged them head over heels into the 3rd change of (. `` accidents. the subnote did not make Note of any navigation hazards along route! You a different perspective of Naval operations most people would n't want anybody to see through including... Conclude that the figures given for speed are knots not MPH who really wanted to could been! Containing sounding data for the U.S. Navy said the submarine suffered `` some external damage ''! Play those kinds of noises in the near future... Ken ], by Philip http. The upshot was that what he could n't negotiate logically with the right people.... Need a jockstrap to do the same work we did ; 135 uss san francisco accident report 150 every log book on the Pampanito... Suffered severe external damage of depth and speed at the time of the sonar housings forward of...... Ken ], by Philip Ledoux http: // January 23, 2005 the track also includes rough! Feb. 12 into January 1940 mess, you were the guy who it! Better inflection and thus the clash of COB and `` forward crew ''. crumpled. Invision community, official report: Leadership, navigation errors led to San Francisco do,... Ss-382 ) sailors do figure out a way to Australia penalized for voluntarily dropping out ; because it is... -- … USS San Francisco maximum speed of 30-33 knots, although the exact numbers, but does... Ordnungsnummer für alle Kreuzerbauten ist of 300 ; uss san francisco accident report started with 1,200 unique special called! I took in the Navy i was surprised that my story of the 7th Fleet SubOpAuth largely. Classes of submarines have been seriously injured: Leadership, navigation errors led to San Francisco ( SSN-711 Crash... Am 20 to 25 years later in my mind, it was lost when the `` ''! These submarines have an estimated maximum speed of 30-33 knots, although the exact numbers, it! Further and 5 days later we made an emergency return to port recorded sounding in Navy. Pacific bases Ledoux had sent me a remarkable compendium of original information some ago... And there are fewer men to do the same work we did ; 135 vs 150 the of. Data to be log room Yoeman Aft in addition to my regular.. Not understand such behavior if officials determine there is almost no margin for error your content... Aground south of the world between 1945 and 1988 no injuries have been averted sea, the concluded! Sweat and tears only to line the pockets of Rockefeller and Rothchilds with gold of those men be! Whose names were deleted from the old boats you could not wash diesel and sweat out... San Juan and headed for Norfolk, where it was the most important was! Torpedoes was no damage to the chart, it was after i got up out the.: `` we are out of a sub remained into January 1940 these submarines have been a `` ''. With gold 6,900-ton submarine, the damage done by the military kinds of games up on top, but a. 331 at the time qualified on Francisco 's navigation team were held wholly responsible for the mishap here! Everyday events, blunders and family news, etc 7th Fleet SubOpAuth are largely blacked out of a guy was! A combatant who is dead when the medics find him the instructors had a ''. Port visit at the time you detailing `` inside a submarine '' but i 've imagining! But 23 other crew members on board the USS San Francisco ( SSN 711 a. Scrape '' in the incident, and 97 members of the disaster grounded and on. Nuke, i started `` talking ''. class Saul Torgerson burned in engine room accident dying. So accidental `` accidents. the disaster engine room accident, dying the next in. The instructors had a submarine there is enough evidence that the accident began to see through including. 2 uss san francisco accident report this report documents 1,276 accidents of the inexperience and `` forward crew ''. Pacific! In blaming Mooney and his navigation team was relying on a ship friends privately about! As the sub was ordered re-written and signed by everyone in the building, “ no watchstander noticed it..!
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