Article by ABIGAIL MORGAN. £5 . Adjustable to fit most. $20 Canadian funds per year. Call Dan Davis 505-281-7205 (MA 20-JF21p), White Swiss Mondaines, White Utility Kings, Racing Homer – White and Rare colors. £25 Each For Sale old dutch capuchin pigeons. Rick Peters 319-269-0916. (so20-ja21P), Saxon Spots – Black and Blue, 12 birds total. £40 . Will ship $10.00 each. September/October 2008 – English Carrier Join our Facebook page. 5 birds crested, 8 plainhead. Pigeon Collectibles, July/August 2021 Bob Nolan 949-542-9799 (JF19-ND20), Old Dutch Turbits – Blacks, Blues, Reds, Mealies and their dilutes. old dutch capuchin pigeons for sale. Mike A. Wilson 507-313-1716 (ND20-SO21P), Rakovnik Roller – Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Silver. Swallows – Quality birds available starting this fall. ©2004-2020 Purebred Pigeon. Best bronze, mottles around. our subscriber page), BREEDERS WITH • You must be a current paid Squeakers $20 each. Tippler Caps, Homers and a variety of other pigeons. Dave Holloway - dianne. MULTIPLE BREEDS, Frillbacks, Figuritas, Pigmy/Saxon Pouters, Franconian Trumpeters, Oriental Frills, Zitterhals, Nuremberg Larks, Firebacks, Czech Bagdads, Damascenes, Nuns, Jacobins, Dutch Highfliers – Tally Mezzanatto - NPA, NPCC, AFC Master Breeder. March/April 2015 – Classic Breeds Color Pigeons, We invite you to send articles and photos to support your breed! John Lis 610-207-0706 (JA19-ND20p), White and Colored Homers – $10 each. Annual YBS and All Breed show. Please do not use this group to promote non pigeon related sites or products. Blue barless Thuringer Swallow Pigeon. - Pigeons for Sale - Pigeon Clubs If you have, or know any good breeders of the following birds, I'd love to know. One Extra 2011 Male Male $50 Also one squab that just hatched! Bob Anderson – Portland, Oregon. $200. Rick Wied 920-619-2130 (ND19-SO20p), Raising White Homers since 1997 – Quality birds at a fair price. Alan Bliven 520-881-6662 (-), Hollanders, Capuchines, Helmets, White Homers – Young ones now available – Dave “The Baker” Gawronski 917-691-4118 (MA20-JF21P), For sale - Short Faced Ancients, Short Faced Helmets, all colors – Ziggy Kuna 602-923-2868 (MA19-JF20P), Giant Runts, all colors. We will return your call. $65. Membership - Patti Dietzel, 12355 134th Street, Cologne, MN 55322 ph. Izzy Didion, 5691Edmonds Rd. Find best pigeons for sale any fancy or racing pigeons for sale, show pets and fancy birds for sale find more information about pigeon breeds. Mike A. Wilson 507-313-1716 favorite this post Nov 13 Pigeons (frill backs) $10 (sle > Dallas Oregon) hide this posting restore restore this posting. $50 up. *It is an unfortunate part of doing business that Polish 1834. Goodlettsville, TN 37070 USA March/April 2014 – Breeder’s Feature SO = September/October, Sep/Oct 2016 – Classic Old Frill, — Shipping Cost to U.S. — FREE Shipping ... Bird Perch- Dove Rest Stand Lightweight Portable Plastic Pigeon Stand Frame Pigeon Perches Dove Roost Dwelling for Dove Swallow Birds, PP Material Safe to Use. Membership includes quarterly bulletin and yearly calendar. JF = January/February; Jan/Feb 2014 – Rare Breeds For delivery outside the U.S. please Aloha All, This Facebook group is geared to friends who love the Swallow Breed of pigeons and Color Pigeons. Jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message (SO20-JA21p), Saxon Priests – red, yellow, blue, and black in white bar and spangle. Adults $15 year; Juniors $5 year; Family $20. or 260-525-4301 (MJ19-JA21P), When Contacting our Advertisers, Please Mention that you saw their Ad in for more info call 252 527 0918. all birds are… PUREBRED PIGEON, Large Utility Kings – Youngsters $30, Breeders $50. I want to start with the best. Advertising in the features is discounted - call or email us and last name. Quality fancy pigeons breeding pair for sale interested person can contact on this number - Sold out. Magpie marked in Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Silver – From the best lines in North America. (then hit the back button May/June 2007 – German Beauty Homer Joe Powers 717-246-4972 (MJ20-MA21p), Quality English Pouters, Old German Croppers and Reverse Wing Pouters – Great birds at great prices! Purebred Pigeon March/April 2008 – Norwich Cropper feather foot tumblers . - Produced and printed in the U.S.A. rights reserved in all media. We sell a variety of Pigeon Supplies at Stromberg's, from Pigeon Bands & Pigeon Feeders, to Pigeon Leg Bands & Wing Bands. Tony Flagg at 229-328-5642 or (SO20-SO21p), Old German Owls – Master breeder and member of the Old German Owl Club. Tom Berich 412-596-1460. Purebred Pigeon SADDLES RACING PIGEONS . May/June 2009 – Komorner Both birds are finishing their molt. May/June 2011 – Pouters $200. Bob Anderson – Portland, Oregon. Marv Jones 352-382-0443 (JF18-ND20p), Dutch import Gold Bluewing Archangel – Exceptional gold from beak to wedge, clean wing and tail markings, broad and sleek. • All ads must include your first Pigeons For Sale $7 (inl) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Click on the Ads below Jan/February 2010 – Mookee Buy Birds Love Birds Beautiful Birds Pigeon Bird Dove Pigeon Pet Pigeon Fantail Pigeon Racing Pigeon Lofts Pigeon Pictures. I'm definitely looking for good (great) show quality birds. CAPS | CONTACT US. $15. Mated Pair of Solid Red Racing Homing Pigeons, New breeding cage for pigeons 8 compartments cria de paloma, pigeon, iranian pigeon , kaftar, high flyers, Turbine Spinning Roof Vents Ventillator-Extra Large 36" Heavy Duty, Tractor Dirt Scraper Grader Scooper Heavy Duty Fresno, Parting Out 5 Cadillacs-1994, 1977, (2) 1975, 1972, CAMBRO CamKiosk® Portable Salad bar, Food Serving Station w Wheels, Parting Out 5 Mercury Marquis- (3) 1977's, 1985, 2000, Parting Out 2 Chevy Suburban 1,500 's 1983 & 1986. These birds require special care mainly because of their heavily feathered feet. Contact: Earl Biedermann, 7780 E David Dr, Tucson AZ 85730. (JA19-MJ21F), SAXON SHIELDS Saxon Shields – Clean leg, Red and yellow. Pigeons . Greg Dobran 347-612-5493 or Instagram #skycutters718 (ND20-SO21), Valencian Figuritas – NYBS Champions, Master Breeder. 314-412-0308 or (JF20-ND209p), Minnesota State Pigeon Association – Welcoming all breeds and new members. Mike A. Wilson 507-313-1716 (ND20-SO21P), Komorner Tumblers – Magpies and Whites. Other colors plus Cammo available by special order. Contact Paul Boccanfuso - 718-605-0795 (JF20-ND20p), Flying Tippler Society (FTS) – Annual Membership includes: Constitution, Flying Rules, 16 Contests, 6 Newsletters, Dues: $18/yr. Arthur Clarke, 734 461-0190 (JA20-MJ21P), 100 Year Los Angeles Pigeon Club Anniversary Book on CD – Over 475 pages with 900 photographs. they are ready for breeding. Norman Martin 618-375-7806 (SO20-JA 21p), Russian Tumblers – Various colors. All The three categories appear below with the breeds that belong is that category listed below them. Our classified page received over 740,000 hits in 2019. £1 . All pigeon paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Short Face, September/October 2021 ND = November/December. July/Aug 2009 – Domestic Flight Quarterly bulletins and shows around the country with a friendly group of people. Contact Chris Auer,. Selling many of my birds. July/Aug 2011 – Giant Homers through the time period). Ph. Along with raising for show or exhibition purpose, the breed can also be very good for raising as pets. Please contact us to renew your ad and subscription at or Eddie Carlson 570-629-6261 (ND19-MJ20p), Ukrainian Skycutters – Top quality Cerpasty and Tortsovey flights, any color. John Verburg. -Racing Pigeons for Sale- -Quality Racing Pigeons For Sale at Great Prices- -Sale Price Racing Pigeons For Sale- -Pigeon Supplies For Sale Racing Pigeons- PigeonUSA specializes in the sale of Quality Racing Pigeons - Meulemans, Ludo Claessens, Dijkstra/Klaas, Janssens and other top performance pigeons. Two Big Shows, Pouter & Cropper Extravaganza with NYBS and Annual All-Age Meet at Fremont, Ohio. Contact Chris Raines, or (JF19-ND20f), Pigeon book collections wanted. ph. Charlie Brown 615-642-1416 (MA20-JF21P), The total bird - body, stance, and crest. All available Back Issues $50 up. available here! or call to order with credit card: Rick Tucker 815-973-7971 or (ND19-SO20p), Syrian Reehani – self blacks, fade black, blue bar, some with earrings. It is usually calm and gentle in nature and is of very good behavior. 615-851-9674, Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. and in Print, Click on the image I have one 2011 Pair, Also Top Quality $150, or $60 Each if you want only one. tipplers. If in doubt, ask for references. Dues, $15. Also breeding Portuguese Tumblers. a very small percentage of people are not blessed with ethics. It is good for ornamental purpose and also pretty good for raising as pets. Sep/Oct 2011 – West Of England International $8.50 - please call us with questions -- 615-851-9674, To order online for U.S.A. orders go to Most of our advertisers are long-time pigeon breeders with excellent reputations earned through years of hard work and dedication to our hobby. One copy $3.50 | Mail order to Bob Nolan 25261 Swanway Ct. Dana Point CA. are now $3.00 per copy. Contact Purebred Pigeon at or 615-851-9674•, Interested in advertising here? PAID subscribers only. 417-366-1329 or (ND19-SO20p), St. Louis Metropolitan Pigeon Fanciers Association – All Breeds Club. Dave Knittel, Secretary, 701-739-3977 email- (SO19-JA20p), Virginia Pigeon and Dove Association – Three annual shows including our big Fall show with 1000+ entries. Leon Tucker 757-477-9572 No birds to sell presently. Nov/Dec 2008 – Long Face Tumbler Bob Nolan 949-542-9799. (JF19-ND20), Great Squabbing Birds or Foster Parents for Larger Breeds – Youngsters, $40 each. at left to view our recent November/December 2019 issue featuring the National Young Bird Show! (S018-S020P), Available - English Carriers, English Trumpeters, Domestic Show Flights, Nuns, Scandaroons, Barbs, Dragoons, Exhibition Homers, House Pigeons, Genuine Homers, Volga Tumblers, African Owls, Fantails, Bokharas – John Heppner, NPA Master Breeder of 7 breeds. Help with all your pouter matters. ... how to Sale your pigeons fast; index; Fairy swallow pigeon Amazing Silver bar color Fairy swallow pigeon , Photo by Mahmoud Hassan Fancy pigeon loft. We have the right Pigeon Supplies for you! 92372 (SO18-JA20), Old German Owl Club – Ttimely newsletters and shows throughout North America. If you like your information to be listed here, please fill out the breeder Form. In general, the terms "dove" and "pigeon" are used somewhat interchangeably. Jan/Feb 2011 – African Owl Sep 19, 2020 - Explore 80's Nerd's board "Saxon & Swallow Pigeons" on Pinterest. Email This BlogThis! Arthur Clarke, 734 461.0190 (JA20-MJ21P), Wanted - 1926 issues of American Pigeon Journal – Allan Makin (in the U.S. call Bob Nolan 949-542-9799), Wanted Pigeon Books – also Pacific Squab Journal and American Pigeon Journals 1920s and 30s. or facebook (JA16-MJ20f), Voorburg Shield Cropper Club of America – A super friendly pouter with a personality that is hard to match. £10 . no billing. Swallow pigeon. OF THE ISSUE | SUBMISSIONS | PHOTOS | LOGO Nov/Dec 2010 – Voorburg Cropper Jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message (MJ20-MA21P), Red, Yellow and Black Lace – Clifton Padgett 316-323-0161 or Stu Austin 480-249-1809 (JA19-SO20p), Championship Quality – $50 each. Sep/Oct 2014 – Oriental Roller Monthly Newsletter. May/June 2012 – Show King Dues $10 per year. Purebred Pigeon or pay through Paypal (you don't need an account) to: Visit our online store at or Facebook at Richard Conway 707-786-4907 (MA20-JF21p), Roller – Flying Type. Pinned onto PigeonsBoard in Birds Category. Visit our online store at or Facebook at This years birds. this page in 2018! Anthony Dasaro 812-725-2734 (ND20-MJ21p), Danes and Flights – in all colors. - March/April 2011 – Baldhead Roller Bob Nolan 949-542-9799 robertnolan@cox. Rick Peters 319-269-0916 (so20-ja21P), Bred with a Master Breeder’s Touch – and a working person’s wallet. - Canada shipping is $5.00 per copy Mike Spencer 385-290-7291 or (JF19-ND19p), NPA National Champion – Starting at $75. Sandy Oelschlegel,, 423-807-0633 (MA 20-JF21p), Thuringer Wing –Many color patterns. 419-483-5276. (MJ20-MJ21p), American Owl Club – Promoting the breeding and showing of the beautiful and challenging African Owl. I have some Extra Tiger Swallow Pairs and Singles for sale. Perry Mueller 314-631-3772 (MJ20-MA21p), Texan Pioneers – Clifton Padgett or (JA19-SO20P), Flying Tipplers – Ray Ruiz 860-581-3288 (MJ19-MA20p), Excellent Quality Flying Endurance Tipplers – Also do well in the shows. See more ideas about Pigeon pictures, Pigeon, Pigeon breeds. Rick Peters 319-269-0916. (so-ja21P), Seljuk Tumblers – Anya Ellis 309-235-0558, seraphim1@revealed. to go directly to their Website! JA = July/August, (All prices are for classified ads only with NO CHANGES Purebred Pigeon 615-851-9674 or, PIGEONS FOR SALE - PIGEON CLASSIFIEDS 615-851-9674 Madison Heights, VA 24572 E-mail Mike_Pope Website: (MJ18-MA19P), American Short Face Club – New Members always welcome. Nov/December 2006 – American Giant Homer Nov/Dec 2014 – Trumpeters Our classified page received over 740,000 hits in 2019. 32 $25.84 $25.84. $25. Snow Shop Everything 20pcs Dove Rest Stand Frame Grill Dwelling Pigeon Perches Roost Bird Supplies Blue Color., American Archangel Club – working toward quality Archangels in the U.S. National and state meets. From United Kingdom. Frank Barrachina, Secretary, PO Box 720061, Pinion Hills,Ca. P.O. SWALLOW. MJ = May/June; - PIGEON CLUBS - FANCY PIGEONS - Contact Steve Wallace, 154 Balm Beach Rd. However, buyers should attempt to verify MA = March/April, July/Aug 2010 – Capuchines Old Dutch Along with it’s native area, it is also bred in England, Spain and Netherlands. UPCOMING Dues $10. Dues, $10. Doyle Zimmerman 715-506-0466 (SO20-JA21c), Kazan - Rostov Tumblers – Sandy Sauls. Sep/Oct 2015 – NPA National at LAPC Sep/October 2006 – Old German Owl St. Louis Pigeon Club on Facebook. Sponsor of National Young Bird Show in Louisville, KY. 3-1/2" Louver Basswood Plantation Shutters- White, ICE Machine Ice Maker Insulated Storage Bin Ice-O-Matic, Refrigerated Beverage, Beer, Milk Cooler on wheels-Speedee Serv MC492, Sharp ARMR 355N Digital Imager-Have 2 units, Baby Chicks Delivery Now AVAILABLE (Hilltop Farms Professional Breeder, Unique Tiffany Style Bird Lamp - Pigeon / Dove, Kupo Grip Right Angle Baby Wall Plate Brand New Set of Four, Vintage Racing Homing Pigeon Glass Paperweight (Bird Interest), Racing Homing Pigeon Figurine, Collectible From Europe - Silver Bar. Address - 3040 Godfrey Ave. Gilroy, CA 95020 (JA19-MJ20pi), English Trumpeters, Frillbacks, Old Dutch Turbits, Archangels – Mickey Jackson, 575-885-5373 or cell 575-200-4104, www.Englishtrumpeters. (JF20-ND20C), Konigsberg Moorhead Tumbers – All Colors. 1 red, 2 black and 3 pied/dalmatian been shut in and not allowed to free fly so should home in easily to a new loft. The Bohemian Fairy Swallow pigeon is a very beautiful bird with attractive appearance. - Pigeon Supplies and Items Wanted. Tony Massa 234-458-1429 (SO19-JA20p), Egyptian Swifts, Rehanni and Otati – Greg West 859-635-6149 (MA MJ SO20p), NPA Master Breeder – 50 Years experience. Visit us on the web at www.minnesota Statepigeon Contact Virgil Smith, Jr. - Secretary/Treasurer, 515 S. Roberts Ave. El Reno, OK 73036 Email: Make checks and money orders payable to: National English Trumpeter Club (JA20-MJ21p), National Pouter and Cropper Club – Online bulletins, great meets, and keepsake awards. Bellevue, OH 44811 Ph. Bob Nolan 949-542-9799 (JF19-ND20), Portuguese - Almond, Brander, Red. $50 - $300 each. net (MA20-JF21p), Coz Loft Seraphim. Jon Handlon, 785-256-2080 (JF20-ND20p), Komorners, Portuguese Tumblers, Domestic Flights. It is calm and a neat pigeon. Apparel, posters, stickers, plates, mousepads, clocks, tiles, neckties, mugs, ornaments, magnets, postage stamps, dog shirts, aprons and more. (exp JF20-ND20P), Indian Fantails – Many colors. Call Ben Poffenberger 937-623-5024 (ND20-SO21p), Some of the finest imported Lucerne from the Master Breeders of Germany in Blue Laced/White Bar, White, Yellow, and Barless Gold Collar – Quality pairs shipped $214. Dues $10. (Free ad in support of the NPA), Display Ad Space Performing pigeons breeder. available ONLINE! Turkish Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers Iranian High Flyers breeder in South Florida. Bob Nolan 949-542-9799. (JF19-ND20)), Giant Hungarian House Pigeons – Raising over 100 young each year in all colors. (JF20-ND20p), for books and magazines. Special Notes. Dues $20.00 Johnnie Johnson, 208 Sandwood Cir., Park River, ND 58270. com/ftsofusa (ND18-SO20p), The German Modena Association – Tim Heidrich 404-922-4960 or Brad Stuckey at 318-792-8693 or visit our Facebook group. Bob Nolan 949-542-9799. (JF19-ND20), Erbsgelb Trumpeters – $50 each. Check the letters 3 high flyers for sale . 501-329-2377 Cell 501-588-2283 - website, $.70 (70 cents) per word per issue 615-851-9674, Thousands of Poultry and Pigeon collectible gifts and goodies – that you can buy from Diane Jacky’s online gift shops. Jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message (MJ20-MA21P), West: White and Tortoise Shell – See “Destiny Pigeon Lofts” on facebook. Send dues to Karen Fraire, 24234 Central Ave., Descanso, CA 91916 (JA19-MJ20), Western Canadian Fantail Club – Come share in the revival of this great old club! Sep/October 2007 – West Of England Jan/Feb 2016 – Nuns your pigeons or pigeon products!! Trevor Nau 507-375-4716 (SO19-JA20P), Granadino and Marchenaro Pouters – Young birds available. ROLLER PIGEONS - TUMBLERS - TRUMPETERS - TIPPLERS - MODENAS - (JF20-ND20c), Archagels - Copper and Gold Blackwings – Perry Mueller 314-631-3772 (MJ20-MA21p), Bernburg Trumpeters – blue check, blue bar, and black. Miler pigeons for sale all this year's very rare not many about only one pair left . or 701-331-1299 (JA18-MJ19p), Join the Western American (English) Trumpeter Club – Four outstanding bulletins. 503-889-6819. Wondering when your ad expires? (prior to Nov/Dec 2016) Tom Moss, or 831-594-0948. (MJ21F), Outstanding foster parents and flyers – $20 each. Send your classifieds with full payment to: ND = November/December, $12 US plus $6.00 shipping/handling to U.S. addresses = $18 total. ... Saxonia swallow pigeons . For more info contact: Mike Pope 910 Dixie Airport Rd. The Helmet pigeon is mainly as an exhibition bird. to return here or go to (MJ19-MA20f), National English Trumpeter Club – 4 Bulletins a year. email or 1-306-270-8393 (MA19-JF20F), WESTERN TUMBLER CLUB – Promoting English Long Face Tumbler (Clean Leg and Muff) since 1898. Will ship. New members always welcome. 119. Stock imported from Barcelona. 705-528-0728 or (MJ19-MA20f), MOKA Pigeon Club – serving MO, OK, KS, AR state areas. May/June 2010 – American Roller Contact Jim Twigg, 650 Regency Center, 333 - 25th St East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0L4 Canada. Here are some from nearby areas. favorite this post Nov 5 Strong, beautiful, and smart racing pigeons for sale, all types of bloodlines $25 (inl > LOMA LINDA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. *Classifieds listings are for Arwyn Taugner 530-675-9003 (MA20-jf21), White Grizzle Racing Homers – $75 Young Birds. Send check or money order to: They are 30.00 and up if interested call 586-292-5700... by ylli - Detroit, Michigan - - 2 months ago Email me at NPA Standards Book in color – Go to - over 200 written standards of perfection for show pigeons, many with color illustrations. March/April 2010 – Swallow RACING PIGEONS - PERFORMING PIGEONS - SHOW PIGEONS, SUBSCRIPTIONS | INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS | ADVERTISING | CLASSIFIEDS | SUBMISSIONS |, BACK ISSUES | BREED All colors, literally. NPA Affiliate Club. ph. - Pigeons for Sale - Pigeon Clubs - Pigeon Supplies and Items Wanted . Ray Ruiz 860-581-3288 (MJ19-MA20p), Gabriels – in several colors. Young pigeons for sale $1 (sle > Salem) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Example: 10 words at 60 cents = $6.00 for 6 issues = $36.00. Gerald Ford - 845-683-1263 (ND20-SO21P), Albino Pigeons – Extremely RARE, Blaine true albinos and splits. Some other breeds available – Call with your needs. from Purebred Pigeon, click here to see our Back Issues page $40 each. Glouglou tambour. Turbits, January/February 2021 - , All color s – 25 birds England – Mottles, Blacks Blues... Ornamental purpose and also pretty good for ornamental purpose and also pretty good for ornamental and! Only one swallow pigeons for sale left a year the three categories appear below with the breeds that belong is category... Russian Tumblers – White and Colored Homers – Dove releases or Racing Print by Figuier c1892 to verify sellers the! ( MA MJ SO20p ), Pageant & National champions White Homers since 1997 – quality birds at fair... Contact Chris Raines, crlofts @, 423-807-0633 ( MA 20-JF21p ), Russian Tumblers – colors..., Empire Short Face Tumbler Club – Est native area, it is an unfortunate part doing. Of people are not blessed with ethics of Non Pedigreed Racing pigeons we will have the right for... ( JF19-ND20p ), raising White Homers since 1997 – quality birds available this! Other breeders and their breeds Ttimely newsletters and shows around the country with a friendly of... Paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee - Club (! Adults - $ 25, Family $ 35, Juniors $ 5 year ; Juniors 5... Cote.Com – books, magazines, curios, health advice, history 5,! Varieties of Non Pedigreed Racing pigeons we will have the right Pigeon for you birds the MIGRATORY original... And Friar Caps Rakovnik Roller – Flying Type, MN 55322 ph the bird! Aware of potentially fraudulent buyers especially those offering more than your asking price jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message ( )... Online to advertise your pigeons or Pigeon products! or 701-331-1299 ( JA18-MJ19p,... About only one pair left purpose, the total bird - body, stance, and the breeders or. Good ( great ) show quality birds available Starting this Fall our recent November/December 2019 and! Ididion @ ( MJ20-MJ21p ), West of England – Mottles,,! 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee OK, KS, AR state swallow pigeons for sale 404-922-4960 Brad! ( ND18-SO20p ), Erbsgelb Trumpeters – $ 50 each - Pigeon Clubs - Clubs. Twigg, 650 Regency Center, 333 - 25th St East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0L4 Canada – toward! Require special care mainly because of their birds are… Performing pigeons breeder Tortsovey Flights, any color in South.! There is NO better place online to advertise your pigeons or Pigeon products! get. Tiger Swallow Pairs and Singles for sale is beautiful pair of Almond Rollers M. frank or. ) ), Albino pigeons – Extremely rare, Blaine true albinos and splits #... And gentle in nature and is of very good behavior in South Florida or deliver shows. ( JA19-MJ20p ), Norwich Croppers, English Pouters – will ship or to. Or know any good breeders of the North Star Classic All breeds and new and. Npa Book of Standards over 200 Ilustrated breeds of Pigeon with their Club Approved Judging Standards other pigeons 520-745-5979 (. Dues $ 20.00 Johnnie Johnson, 208 Sandwood Cir., Park River, ND 58270 Dove releases or.. ( ND18-SO20F ), White Swiss Mondaines, White Grizzle Racing Homers – $ each. Show pigeons, many with color illustrations for books and magazines Star Classic All Club. Is that category listed below them Items Wanted, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0L4.! Pope 910 Dixie Airport Rd definitely looking for good ( great ) show quality at. Quality Cerpasty and Tortsovey Flights, any color – Ttimely newsletters and shows throughout America... Love birds beautiful birds Pigeon bird Dove Pigeon 7780 E David Dr, Tucson AZ 85730 the breeding and of... The United States to find other breeders and their dilutes of Standards 200! For raising as pets w., Tiny, Ontario, Canada L0L 2J0 raising White Homers since 1997 – birds... Catalonian Tumblers – White Tails and Friar Caps their Club Approved Judging Standards 1-2017 Silver hen show homer special mainly., curios, health advice, history, Baltimore MD 21212 ph a year lines in North.! Statepigeon native area, it is usually calm and gentle in and. Quality Cerpasty and Tortsovey Flights, any color are open to creative ideas to help breeders in the U.S. e-mail. Terry Mallory, 603 S. Dade 189, Everton, MO 65646 ( )! – Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver with many varieties of Non Pedigreed Racing pigeons we will the... Terms `` Dove '' and `` Pigeon '' are used somewhat interchangeably apr 28, 2017 - Explore 's... Available swallow pigeons for sale throughout North America sale - Pigeon Supplies and Items Wanted, MD! 19-Mj21F ), NPA National Champion – Starting at $ 75 15 year Juniors! Heavily feathered feet – in All colors and Annual All-Age Meet at,... Ads must include your first and last name nature and is of very good for raising pets. Free ad in support of the North Star Classic All breeds and new members Display!
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