Because he became known as a spiteful, mean-spirited man who deliberately badmouthed anyone who was more successful than he was.. Kristine Kathryn Rusch » Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Surviving Someone Else’s Jealousy. Spite definition, a malicious, usually petty, desire to harm, annoy, frustrate, or humiliate another person; bitter ill will; malice. The Sacred Feminine. A failure of a trade-union representative from the Norwegian newspaper Kveldsbladet had remarked spitefully that Serner’s parties grow more lavish the more people you sack, and made a bit of scene which resulted in Levin getting red wine on his tailor-made jacket. Tips : If this page always shows the same questions, make sure you … 4. Examples of Whimsical in a sentence. Yes, but he is spiteful. Spiteful in a sentence. The Crown is a 'spiteful' attack on the Royal Family to 'get rid of them' by making them look like 'inept idiots', Prince Harry's biographer has claimed. The Story Of T. Arrival At The Institute. A former beauty contestant's life sentence for the spiteful murder of her teenage maid has been reduced to 20 years by the Appeal Court. It was pitiful to see them, boys, put in the dancer. Learn more. How to say spiteful in English? Yes, it was I who denied the defendant's application, but with reason—none of his supporting documentation was from within the last six months, as stipulated on our department's website. 5. How to use spiteful in a sentence. Julia. People often want to translate English words or phrases into Urdu. 1. What is a sentence with the word spiteful in it? Contemporary usage of despite and in spite of isn’t quite so, well, spiteful. : 2. The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Spiteful but also gives extensive definition in English language. 2. The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair. Despite and in spite of, despite what you may have heard, work identically in a sentence. showing malicious ill will and a … Spiteful; 1. 5 (1876) p. 579.. How to use spiteful in a sentence. What does spiteful mean? 6. VO Stories. See more. with (good) reason Having a sound, justifiable cause or purpose; because something has already been proven true or justifiable. "I deserve it," Toby said with a pitiful sigh. The Sacred Feminine. The spiteful list of example sentences with spiteful. The author turned out to be just as whimsical as the magical characters in her children’s book. An Introduction. gerald of wales — Edward A Freeman The History of the Norman Conquest of England Vol. My Sentence Continues My Second Chance Locked Up Again Same Again Finale. 21. spiteful definition: 1. wanting to annoy, upset, or hurt another person, especially in a small way, because you feel…. The New Recruit. Find words for spiteful in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Giraldus, garrulous, egotistic, spiteful, as he is, makes us half forget his faults in the endless instruction, the endless amusement, of his pages. In traditional academia (that word makes me want to vomit), there is a writing technique called the hook sentence. Find more ways to say spiteful, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Alice And Anna On The Beach The Bisley Boy Silk Stockings On A Ladder A Merry Ferry Christmas Stella and Fanny. 如何spiteful造句,用spiteful造句,spiteful in a sentence和spiteful的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。 英語翻譯 日語翻譯 法語翻譯 韓語翻譯 俄語翻譯 漢語詞典 Hindi During the party, our host asked us to join him in a whimsical game of make-believe. Definition of spiteful in the dictionary. Traducir spiteful de Inglés a español. and your uses of the word are correct. The definition of Spiteful is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. D. Spiteful How to use : Read the question carefully, then select one of the answers button. My father is spiteful to you, she said. Having garnered publicity as spokesman for social and family affairs, he regarded the marine portfolio as a spiteful demotion. The Dominafuhrer. Information and translations of spiteful in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … However, it will allow you to learn the appropriate use of in a sentence. pitiful. What does spiteful mean? Another word for spiteful. ‘Mandela cheerfully served a prison sentence that would have left Jesus bitter and spiteful.’ ‘The early exchanges were spiteful, nasty and never fully controlled by referee Lucilio Batista.’ ‘I have an active dislike of her because she's either very stupid or deliberately, maliciously, spiteful.’ | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I Start Serving My Sentence Ms Mary Keeps Me In Order Open Day The Visitors. After the failure of this attempt he was put to the most pitiful shifts to make a living. Sentence Examples While the Arab media mockingly and spitefully spread the news of this expected development, Iraqis were scratching their heads in confusion. Sentence example with the word 'spiteful' spiteful acrid, bitter, clashing, crusty, fractious, irascible, ornery, retaliatory, spleeny, venomous Definition adj. A 'spiteful' man terrorised a woman, attacking her and trying to burn down her house, a court heard. To be honest, it would feel spitefully delightful to withhold my name from the church's accounting of souls, considering the misery it has inflicted on my kind. In addition to it, the knowledge about the origin, pronunciation, and synonyms of a word allows them to find similar words or phrases. Here you can check all definitions and meanings of Spiteful. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. He is a very spiteful man. example sentence: his spiteful actions toward the team lead to his termination from the team. He is a very spiteful man…. The Dominafuhrer. Being nasty, mean-spirited or spiteful is not going to bring down gas prices, stop the war or unite this broken country!. In other words, these two prepositions, in spite of what you may have heard, are basically identical. spiteful in Chinese : :怀恨的…. Spiteful definition: Someone who is spiteful does cruel things to hurt people they dislike . Ever since the divorce, she has been very spiteful.The assault was spiteful and unnecessary.Those spiteful comments had hurt him. His spiteful response said enough to her. Updated December 13, 2018 Definition: displaying an inclination to anger, harm, or defeat an individual Spiteful definition is - filled with or showing spite : malicious. The whimsical music made me feel like a little kid again. The Sacred Feminine. Tags: Giraldus, … The definition of spiteful is someone who purposely does harm to another. What is a sentence with the word spiteful in it? While most of the shit we learn in school is useless, this lesser-known literary maneuver is wildly powerful for the entrepreneur, marketer, writer and snow cone vendor looking to sell like hell with the written word.. The Sacred Feminine. Alice And Anna On The Beach The Bisley Boy Silk Stockings On A Ladder A Merry Ferry Christmas Stella and Fanny. Spiteful meaning in Bengali - হিংসুক; ঈর্ষাপরায়ণ; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. Translate spiteful into Spanish. Meaning of spiteful. 60 / 1974, Paragraph 248 ), the following statement occurs : "Whoever slanders or belittles the Republic of Austria or one of its federal provinces in a spiteful way so that the deed becomes known to a wider public, that individual is to be punished with a prison-sentence of up to a yea…. How to use spiteful in a sentence. Example sentences with the word spiteful.spiteful example sentences. 3. What does spite mean? You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Spiteful. The New Recruit. Spite is a mean or angry feeling that makes someone want to hurt another. Pronunciation of spiteful with 2 audio pronunciations, 29 synonyms, 1 meaning, 14 translations, 2 sentences and more for spiteful. Delegate update: Obama 35 away He loved watching the way his spiteful brain. Pitiful sentence examples. 7. : You are beginning to discover that some people can be jealous and spiteful and envious. What came out was a pitiful squawk. Ever since the divorce, she has been very spiteful.The assault was spiteful and unnecessary.Those spiteful comments had hurt him.
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