Emblem on the dabo table in DS9: "Statistical Probabilities" Summary The Ferengi emblem is customarily depicted in green because it appears like this on ship hulls, as … "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Statistical Probabilities (TV Episode 1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Building from the developments in “Doctor Bashir, I Presume?”, where it was revealed that Julian Bashir underwent illegal genetic enhancement at a young age, “Statistical Probabilities” takes some time to flesh out the reasons for Unfortunately for these people, they suffered serious side-effects of the treatment and developed psychological illnesses that are difficult to reverse. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Statistical Probabilities Rewatch August 1, 2016 12:56 PM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe Bashir gets a visit from The Dream Team the Jack Pack, a group of genetically-enhanced savants who are capable of rapid and stunningly accurate assessments of the Dominion threat. Star Trek: DS9 [Statistical Probabilities – Ft. Clay] The Pensky File Loading... Unsubscribe from The Pensky File? Režiséři Anson Williams režírovalDemon a Casey Biggs (Damar) hrál také dr. Wycoffa v epizodě DS9 Shadows and Symbols. Your entire argument is based on a series of statistical probabilities and assumptions. It lists both the most crucial episodes for plot progression, and the most beloved one-offs. "Statistical Probabilities" DS9 Season 6 Episode 9 The "No Win" Scenario Yesterday’s Enterprise S3E15- A temporal rift opens, and the USS Enterprise-C emerges, changing the timeline into a reality where the Federation is in a bitter war with the Klingon Empire. Later cured by Dr. Julian Bashir and briefly got romantically involved with him. (DS9 episode: "Statistical Probabilities") By the 2370s , Jack had been selected by Karen Loews (along with Lauren , Sarina Douglas and Patrick ) to be separated from the Institute's other residents so she could work with him and help give him a normal life. DS9 "Statistical Probabilities" Hottar II TNG "The Offspring" Icarus Prime Magnesium vapour atmosphere Visited by USS Voyager prior to VOY "Scorpion, Part II" VOY … This guide will help you get through the 1990’s sci-fi TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek: DS9 Statistical Probabilities, Chrysalis Lauren Ashley Babylon 5 The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father Layne Ishay Battlestar Galactica various Leah Brahms Star … Redditの歩き方 第1章 1.プロローグ 2.Redditってなあに? 3.Redditにアクセスしてみよう 4.スレ一覧の使い方 5.スレを閲覧してみよう&voteとは? 6.レスを書き込んでみよう 7.multiredditsってなあに? 8.その他まめちしき 第2章 1.プロローグ TREKCORE > DS9 > Images Home > Season 6 Screencaps 6x01 - A Time to Stand DVD caps from ' A Time to Stand ' 533 files, last one added on Aug 16, 2007 6x02 - Rocks and Shoals DVD caps from ' … redditは英語ベースのオンラインコミュニティである。2011年12月、月間20億PVを達成した。redditは、あるユーザが投稿したリンクについて、別のユーザたちが議論をしたりボケたりする場所である。日本でいえばスラッシュドットや2ちゃんねる No. If you want me to take you through the equations I … Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (S06E09): Statistical Probabilities Summary: Doctor Bashir meets with a group of people who, like him, had their DNA altered to make them better. v seriálech To je vražda, napsala, Akta X nebo Pohotovost. Bashir: They're not just assumptions. “Statistical Probabilities” (season six, episode 9; originally aired 11/24/1997) In which Bashir gets a little too much brain… (Available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. JACK: (fast talking man) No. Mohli jsme ho vidět v hostujících rolích např. ベシアのように遺伝子操作された人々。しかしデュカットはどうなったんだ? ダマールがカーデシアの指導者なんておかしすぎ。まあ、ウエイユンにとっては都合がいいのかもしれないが。 The story brings four eccentric individuals to the station, where they're to learn from interacting with Bashir, who represents a sort of "best case scenario" for those were genetically enhanced. A page for describing Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 06 E 09 Statistical Probabilities. A fleet of their ships were able to destroy the Tiloniam system star using the torpedoes; but a few malfunctioning torpedoes were unsuccessful in … It's not fair. 597 DS9 Statistical Probabilities 598 VOY Concerning Flight 599 DS9 The Magnificent Ferengi 600 DS9 Waltz 601 VOY Mortal Coil 602 VOY Waking Moments 603 VOY Message in a Bottle 604 DS9 Who Mourns for Morn? Statistical Probabilities (DS9) Chrysalis (DS9) Human female whose genetic engineering went wrong and caused her to be cataleptic for several years. "Statistical Probabilities" is a strong hour of money-saving DS9 that gets to the heart of Bashir and his problem, tackling issues that went unanswered in "Presume." In this video I review Statistical Probabilities which is the 9th episode of the 6th Season of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Statistical Probabilities Stardate: Unknown Original Airdate: 24 Nov, 1997 [Cargo bay] (The bay has been turned into quarters, with private areas and a communal living space.) (DS9: "Statistical Probabilities") In 2374 , the Dominion attempted to simultaneously test an experimental torpedo and use it for plans of destruction. (DS9 episode: "Statistical Probabilities") In 2375, Doctor Loews gave Bashir her permission as Sarina's legal guardian for Sarina to undergo a procedure that could reverse the damage her accelerated critical neural pathway formation procedure had done. Day 131: DS9, Statistical Probabilities Day 130: DS9, Resurrection Day 129: DS9, "You Are Cordially Invited" Day 128: DS9, "Sacrifice of Angels" Day 127: DS9, Favor the Bold Day 126: DS9, Behind the Lines Day 125: DS9
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