We will get through this. Tips for Tackling Mountain Driving in the Winter. Generally when traveling west we prefer to take I-80 through Wyoming. AP Traffic along Interstate 70 slows to a crawl due to an earlier tanker leaking on U.S. Highway 6 over Loveland Pass in a file photo.. Tips on Driving in Colorado I-70 is the main interstate highway that slices directly through the heart of Colorado; providing a path from Denver to the ski resorts that lie just a few hours away. Circling through the mountains and along the prairie's edge, this drive is stunning in any season, but parts of it are impassable in the winter, when snow buries the roads. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Unlike the woman the banana-yellow Ford Escape who passed me when I was making the first cut with a snowplow through eight inches of fresh snow on Vail Pass, you should not drive faster than a … Winter in Colorado is no joke. Driving from Cincinnati to Portland near the end of March. Colorado is home to some pretty gnarly road conditions on the regular, but these dangerous mountain roads and passes are something else. This highway rises more than 5,500 vertical feet over the course of only about 50 miles between Denver and the Eisenhower Tunnel. I hear horror stories about I-80, but if we take I-70 we will have to cut up through small two-lane roads on Highway 6 (Utah) which also seems scary. While you can find resorts down south in Telluride and north in Steamboat Springs, a large chunk of the resorts are located just west of Denver along Interstate 70. It can be done, we have done it. We’re here to help you get ready to take on winter – safely – with some handy, practical winter driving tips for mountain driving that will make the Denver commute to Arvada a little less hazardous. The basic options are I-80 to Salt Lake, then on to I-84. Daniel Milchev/Getty Images Ski Resort Areas . Bit concerned about the mountain passes in late winter. Starting at Kremmling, drive west for classic Trough Road views of the Blue River, the Colorado River and beautiful mountain peaks and valleys. Four-wheel drive systems are helpful options, but they aren't a cure-all for winter driving problems. First Stop: Boulder It crosses the Rocky Mountains, passing over the Continental Divide at Berthoud Pass before descending to the front range. All routes to Crested Butte are pretty crucial arteries of travel for the state, so they are plowed and salted regularly. Discover some of Colorado’s world-class outdoor activities by taking this round-trip drive from Denver to some of the region's most popular ski resorts, mountains, and towns. But with a little preparation, you … Common sense is your best friend regarding wintry mountain roads, and this includes planning ahead if you have to go out and staying home if you don't. Its breathtaking mountain scenery is some of the most impressive in the state. Lush green, yellow and red, or snow-topped trees adorn the rock as you twist and turn through the mountain roads. … We are hoping to stop in Fort Collins, CO to visit a friend, so Google maps suggests taking i25 all the way through to Wyoming and then going west on i80. Driving in the dark can be dangerous for winter drivers. Scenic Drive in Colorado. Answer 1 of 6: My friend and I are taking a road trip from Austin, TX to Portland, OR in January. This scenic highway has been shuttling visitors through meadows, lakes, and the natural beauty of Colorado since 1915 and might be Colorado’s most popular destination drive. 8 Best Road Trips Through Colorado for 2021 (with Photos) – Trips To Discover The Alaska Highway is lightly traveled at night in the winter, so if you should break down or have an accident at night, the wait time for help could be longer. Animals can and do leap out on to the highway without warning, but at least in daylight you may see them in time to stop. The particular magic of driving the Peak to Peak Hwy – one of Colorado’s most scenic drives and an excellent option for the trip between Rocky Mountain National Park and Denver – depends largely on the time of year you hit the road. In summer wind the windows down and watch big cumulus clouds rolling lazily over the green and granite peaks. Colorado weather reports with current conditions in each city also include a 5-day weather forecast, any local weather alerts, and road conditions with live traffic updates. Winter driving can be dangerous, especially for rusty drivers at the beginning of the season. Aspen is one of Colorado’s most well-known mountain towns, teeming with the rich and famous, with not only a number of Hollywood stars owning homes here, like Jack Nicholson and Kevin Costner, but some of the wealthiest people in the world have an Aspen address.Of course, that’s not what makes it so alluring. Watch the weather forecast and consider other options and routes if snow might be a problem. But now a bill that’s nearing passage in the state legislature would make Colorado’s traction statute a snow-or-shine, all-winter-long policy on Interstate 70, mandating that from September through May drivers traveling between Morrison and Dotsero prepare their … Or a more northern route through S. Dakota and Montana on I-90 into Washington before heading southwest. Even if it is cheap, gas will still be one of your greatest expenses because it can be difficult to properly gauge how much you will actually use. … Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is often considered one of the greatest drives in the world and a ride everyone should experience before they die. Driving from Denver to Crested Butte in Winter. Colorado has it all when it comes to spectacular scenery, and these road trips will allow you to experience some of the best it has to offer. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about driving from Durango to Ouray. Yes, you can make the drive from Denver to Crested Butte in the winter without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. How to visit Colorado mountains during the winter without driving through unsafe road conditions to get to the transit service? Winter’s on its … Carved through solid granite over countless millennia, the canyon walls of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park plunge an awe-inspiring 2,700 feet to the river below in western Colorado. Driving through the Canadian Rockies is a huge bucket list item for most people when they come visit the Great White North! U.S. Route 40 (US 40) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Silver Summit, Utah, to Atlantic City, New Jersey.In the U.S. state of Colorado, US 40 is a major east–west route. Regarding the travel through Colorado, I-70 west of Denver (5280 feet elevation) is quite a long and steep grade up to the Eisenhower Tunnel at 12,2xx feet elevation. Driving in the snow can be frightening if you aren’t prepared. Any experience with winter driving through Wyoming or Colorado to Salt Lake City?
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