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Florida mortgage specializes in good and bad credit VA mortgage loans even no credit score and Florida VA condo loans  in every city and county in Florida. VA mortgages are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These Florida VA mortgage loans were established to provide transition assistance and other benefits to men and women who served or are serving in the Armed Forces of the Nation. This includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reservists, National Guardsmen, and certain surviving spouses. Also, if you are a disabled veteran, you may qualify for additional Florida VA mortgage benefits. Including reduced or elimination of Florida property taxes. We are proud to provide 100% Bad credit Florida VA mortgage approvals down to 550 fico score va purchase or Florida VA mortgage refinance

Florida VA Mortgage lenders along with our Federal Government has taken to benefit Florida home buyers, and specifically, those who are Veterans and Active Duty personnel. The Mission of  Florida VA Mortgage Lenders is to help veterans and active duty personnel purchase and retain Florida VA mortgage in recognition of their service to the Nation.

VA Mortgage Key Points

  • VA Mortgage loans are for Primary homes only.
  • 100% financing up to 417,000
  • Seller Paid Closing cost up to 4%.
  • Bad Credit Florida VA Mortgage with Fico Score 550!
  • Please note we provide free credit counseling to and work with everyone to get PRE APPROVED!

What is a VA Mortgage? In 1944, the U.S. government created a military loan guaranty program to help returning Florida service members purchase homes. The result, the VA Mortgage, is a mortgage loan issued by approved Florida VA Mortgage lenders such as US Mortgage Lenders and guaranteed by the federal government. Since its inception, the VA  mortgage program has helped place more than 20 million veterans and their families into an affordable home financing situation through its distinct advantages over traditional mortgages.

With Florida housing prices souring VA Mortgage program is more important than ever to service members. In recent years, Florida mortgage lenders  have tightened their lending requirements in the wake of the Florida housing market collapse, making the VA mortgage Loan a lifeline for military Florida home buyers.

Like all other Florida mortgage programs, VA Mortgages have considerable details and information to review. We at Florida VA Mortgage Lenders encourage you to use our website’s resources to educate yourself on the specifics of this exclusive home loan benefit. If you have further questions, we invite you to call us at 954-667-9110.

VA Mortgage vs. Conventional Mortgages

Military Florida home buyers have access to one of the most unique and powerful mortgage programs ever created. See below we compare how a VA Mortgage compares to a traditional Florida mortgage programs:

VA Mortgages Conventional Loans
 0% Down (for qualified borrowers)


VA Mortgages are among the last 0% down home loans available on the market today.

Up to 20% Down


Conventional loans generally require down payments that can reach up to 20% to secure a home loan, pushing them out of reach for many homebuyers.



Since VA Mortgages are government backed, banks do not require you to buy Private Mortgage Insurance.

PMI Monthly Required


Private Mortgage Insurance is a requirement for borrowers who finance more than 80% of their home’s value, tacking on additional monthly expenses.

 Competitive Interest Rates


The VA guaranty gives VA mortgage lenders a greater degree of safety and flexibility, which typically means a more competitive rate than non-VA Mortgages.

Increased Risk for Lenders


Without government backing, banks are taking on more risk which, in turn, can result in a less-competitive interest rate on your home loan.

 Easier to Qualify


Because the loan is backed by the government, banks assume less risk and have less stringent qualification standards for VA Mortgages, making them easier to obtain.

Standard Qualification Procedures


Conventional options hold stricter qualification procedures that can put homeownership out of reach for some homebuyers.

When you’re looking for a Florida VA Mortgage, the last thing you want is an excuse. We provide VA mortgage approvals down to a 550 fico under certain conditions.

Rest assured in knowing that we offer expert specialty service for specialized programs just like the VA Florida home Loan. Our loan officers have a wide range of expertise; in fact, many choose to select niche programs as their primary focus to better help VA Florida home Buyers become Florida homeowners. We can help to quickly refinance your current VA mortgage as well!

With both options, you’ll be presented with Great Rates and great confidence that our specialist can get the job done right for you the very first time. No excuses…just results!

And if you have a bad credit history, that’s okay too! Our Florida VA mortgage specialist will work with you, not against you. We’re partners with a single, identical goal of helping our clients achieve their Florida mortgage goals.

So, what makes our Florida VA Mortgage programs different? The answer is our people, experience and product knowledge.

The Florida VA Mortgage program offers two primary products:

  • The VA Florida home Buyer Program – This Product Is Designed To Help Eligible VA Veterans And Active Duty Personnel To Achieve Florida home Ownership.
  • The Florida VA Mortgage Refinance Product – This Product Offers Traditional Rate & Term Refinancing, A Cash-Out Refinance Choice & A Streamline Refinance For Existing Florida VA Mortgages.

Florida VA Mortgage Interest Rates

We believe we offer VA Florida home buyers some of the lowest interest rates and closing costs available in the industry today.

Please do know that rates are changing on an a continual basis, so until we are able to lock in your rate, they are always subject to change. The money we lend to Florida home buyers and refinance clients comes from the same pool as conventional lending funds. The difference is, the VA insures the loan rather than a private mortgage insurance policy (PMI). As a result, the interest rates are tied to the same market factors as conventional rates.

To get today’s low rate, just give us a call!

All to often, the cost of obtaining any mortgage can be quite expensive. Thankfully, there is some good news though…

We work hard to keep your closing costs to an absolute minimum. In addition, the VA regulates the closing costs that a veteran may be charged in connection with closing a Florida VA Mortgage.

Fixed Rate Or Adjustable?

With the VA Florida home loan, you can can choose either a fixed rate Florida VA Mortgage option or the adjustable interest rate option. It’s all based upon your financial needs and preferences. Our Florida VA Mortgage originators will go into much more detail with the options you have based upon current VA lending limits and available mortgage products.

Once you’ve selected your Florida VA Mortgage program, the VA will actually order your appraisal. This is great because it means you know you have an independent third party making decisions on the quality of the Florida home you’re about to buy.

What you need and want is not only the best rate at the lowest cost, but a company that delivers low-cost results…not tricky catch phrases, not empty promises, and most certainly not paying for a big company name and the expensive advertising budget that goes along with it.

We believe that we have your interests in mind each step of the way. Our company was created to give Florida home buyers better choices by connecting you with specialists who deliver outstanding results for less. Why not Apply Now?

Fixed Rate Florida VA Mortgages

Why are fixed rate Florida VA Mortgages so highly recommenced?

To begin with, a fixed rate Florida VA Mortgage offers security in knowing your mortgage payment is not subject to change. The mortgage “melt-down” really proves this out. Providing stability is a wonderful thing and something a fixed low interest rate loan can do very reliably. Although the fixed loan type limits options, it does provide a long term strategy to equity and security.

The underwriting is no different, nor is the qualifying; and typically, your cost to close is very comparable too. As an added benefit, you can use the fixed rate Florida VA Mortgage program for both a traditional Florida home purchases and for buying a manufactured home. It is the combination of all of these notable benefits that continues to give qualified Florida VA Mortgage applicants a wide range of choices.

Choosing Your Florida Mortgage Option

Trying to decide whether an adjustable rate mortgage or a fixed rate program is best for your circumstances can be daunting, to say the least. That’s where we come in. Your Florida VA Mortgage specialist will be able to take your information and tailor specific options for you based upon the programs available.

So, why wait and longer? Why not send over a Quick Inquiry and one of our Florida VA Mortgage specialists will be in touch with you before you know it!

What Specific Costs Are Involved in a VA mortgage?

Although some additional costs are unique to certain localities, the closing costs generally include VA appraisal, credit report, survey, title evidence, recording fees, a 1 percent loan origination fee, along with other miscellaneous costs which are fully disclosed on your Good Faith Estimate. The closing costs and origination charge may not be included in the loan, except in VA refinancing loans.

In addition to negotiating the interest rate with your loan specialist, you may negotiate the payment of discount points and other closing costs with the seller. Often, sellers will consider paying some or all of the discount points charged in your loan in order to complete the sale.


    • Air Station Clearwater Clearwater

Known officially as the United States Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, this base is located in the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Florida. It is currently the largest air station maintained by the US Coast Guard across the country. Clearwater currently operates two satellite stations in the Bahamas, one in the Great Inagua Island and the other in the Andros Island, which also houses the Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) support base and tracking stations. The base is headed by Capt. John G. Turner, who replaced former commander Capt. Todd A. Sokatzuk last June. There are around 600 US Coast Guard aviation and support personnel station in Clearwater. It also maintains 6 HC-130 Hercules aircraft and 9 HH-60 Jayhawk medium range helicopters as part of its fleet.

    • District 7 Miami

The main headquarters of the United States Coast Guard 7th District is located in Miami Florida. The 7th District oversees Coast Guard operations for the the states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, as well as patrolling the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. The District is currently under the command of Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner. The 7th District patrols more than 1.8 million square miles of ocean in its jurisdiction. For this purpose, it employs several high speed ships and aircraft. Aside from patrolling the coasts, another important task of the USCG 7th District is to intercept illegal immigrants, as the area is a common route taken by those wishing to enter the country without proper documentation. The District is also involved in operations against the illegal drug trade.

    • ISC Miami Miami Beach

The USCG Integrated Support Command headquarters in Miami provides support duties for the operation of the United States Coast Guard’s 7th division, also based in Miami. One of the major task of the USCG ISC’s Miami branch is maintenance of the housing and other facilities used by USCG 7th District’s personnel. The unit also provides health services for Coast Guard personnel. Under the United States Coast Guard’s modernization program, which took effect on Sept. 27, 2009, the Integrated Support Command has since been broken up into three separate units. These are the Bases Support Unit (BSU), the Personnel Services and Support Unit (PSSU), and the health Safety Work-Life Field Office Services. The Miami division of these new units have since occupied the former base of ISC Miami.

    • Camp Blanding Starke

Built in 1940, Camp Blanding is a Florida National Guard training base, both Army and Air. Other military units, counter-drug units, and law enforcement agencies also utilize the 73,000 acres of training ground. The base itself can accommodate 3,000 personnel. During World War II the Army used Camp Blanding for training, housing German prisoners, induction, and separation. At that time it sprawled 170,000 acres of land. On base there is a museum, Camp Blanding Museum, open to the public that covers the history of the base and the Florida National Guard. It also has a display of weapons and equipment used from WWI to the Iraq War.

Florida Air Force Bases (5)

    • Eglin AFB Valparaiso

Eglin AFB is operated by Air Force Materiel Command and located in Valparaiso, Florida. The air base was established as Valparaiso Bombing and Gunnery Base on June 14, 1935 and was later renamed Eglin Field on August 4, 1937. It is currently home to the 96th Air Base Wing, commanded by Colonel Bruce H. McClintock. The base is named after Lieutenant Colonel Fredrick I. Eglin who died in an A-17 crash. The Air Armament Center is headquartered at Eglin AFB. The base is also one of the Air Force Materiel Command’s three product centers. The Air Armament Center, the Air Force focal point for all its armaments, is responsible for the development up to the sustainment of air-delivered weapons.

    • Hurlburt Field Mary Esther

Hurlburt Field is located in Okaloosa County, near Mary Esther, Florida. It serves as a support air field for Eglin Air Force Base. The airfield is home to the 1st Special Operations Wing, the USAF Special Operations School, and the 505th Command and Control Wing of the Air Combat Command. Hurlburt Field is named after First Lieutenant Donald Wilson Hurlburt who died in a crash at Eglin and is under the command of Colonel Brad Webb. Hurlburt was historically used by the Doolittle raiders to practice taking off their B-25 Mitchell bombers on a short runway to improve their ability to take off from an aircraft carrier’s short flight deck.

    • MacDill AFB Tampa

MacDill AFB is operated by Air Mobility Command and located in Tampa, Florida. It was established in 1939 as Southeast Air Base, Tampa and is currently home to the 6th Air Mobility Wing of the Air Mobility Command which is part of the Eighteenth Air Force of the AMC. MacDill AFB is named after Colonel Leslie MacDill, a World War I aviator whose BC-1 crashed at Anacosta, D.C. MacDill Air Force Base has about 6,000 military and civilian personnel on 5,000 hectares. The base witnessed a large stream of activity during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. It was used as a staging point for a planned aerial bombardment of Cuba in the event that a US invasion was to take place. Thankfully, the crisis was resolved and the planned air strikes never materialized.

    • Patrick AFB Brevard

Patrick AFB is operated by Air Force Space Command and located in Brevard County, Florida. It is home to the 45th Space Wing, the 920th Rescue Wing, the Air Force Technical Applications Center, and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Patrick Air Force Base is named after Major General Mason Patrick, a former U.S. Army general and an air power advocate. The base was named Long Range Proving Ground Base on May 17, 1950 but later accepted its present name barely 3 months later. The base employs 10,400 and is home to 13,099 military personnel and their families, civilian employees, and contractors. Its mission is to provide combat capabilities through operations involving Eastern Range, launch, and expedition.

    • Tyndall AFB Panama City

Tyndall AFB is part of Air Education Training and Command near Panama City, Florida. It is home to the 325th Wing, First Air Force headquarters, and the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group. Tyndall AFB is named after World War I pilot, First Lieutenant Frank Benjamin Tyndall, a Silver Star recipient and commander of the 22nd Aero Squadron who shot down four enemy planes over France. The 325th wing is tasked with forming an air superiority team. This wing trains F-15 pilots, air traffic controllers, F-15 intelligence personnel, weapons controllers and crew chiefs. On February 16, 2003, a tornado struck the air force base causing an estimated $250,000 worth of damage to 10 facilities. Among the damages were the 1st Air Force A-1 building, and more than 30 vehicles.

Florida Coast Guard Bases 

    • Blount Island Command Jacksonville

The Blount Island Command is part of the United States Marines Corps’ Maritime Prepositioning Ships program, which aims to provide support to various US Marines Corps’ units stationed around the world. The base is able to supply the needs of the troops for at least 30 days. The base is located on Blount Island in the Jacksonville section of the St. John’s River in Florida. The US Marine Corps’ initially leased the base from a private company in 1986, finally purchasing it on 2004. The base has facilities for the maintenance and resupply of the several MPS vessels that dock here regularly, it also has several docks to immediately deploy these ships. Blount Island Command is currently headed by Col. Steve Peters of the United States Marine Corps.

Florida Navy Bases (11)

    • AUTEC Complex West Palm Beach

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center is a laboratory tasked with the maintaining the naval supremacy of the US Navy through research and testing. The military utilizes three main ranges for testing. The main ones are in West Balm Beach, Florida and Andros Island, Bahamas. The Center has the ability to track many deep water, in-air, and in-water targets simultaneously. The AUTEC tests and certifies submarine captains and their crews as well as the accuracy of their undersea weapons. The US made a joint agreement with the Royal Navy to construct the Bahamas facility and the UK has equal access to the test facilities.

    • NAS Jacksonville Jacksonville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville is a military air base located in Jacksonville, Florida. It was established in October 15, 1940 and is now the 3rd largest installation of the United States Navy. The station is currently under the command of Captain John C. Scorby. Naval Air Station Jacksonville is home to Patrol Wing Eleven, the Sea Control Wing Atlantic, and the Helicopter Antisubmarine Wing Atlantic. Major aircraft operated by the air station include P-3Cs and S-3Bs fixed wing aircraft, and SH-60 and HH-60 helicopters. The air station is also home to the largest aviation squadron of the Navy, the Patrol Squadron Thirty. This squadron is also the only Orion Fleet Replacement Squadron tasked with preparing and training US and allied pilots and aircrews. The base is the oldest of Navy base in Jacksonville and encompasses 3,896 acres.

    • NAS Key West Key West

Naval Air Station Key West is a naval air base located in Key West, Florida. Established in December 15, 1940, the base has been upholding its mission of supporting operational and readiness requirements for various government branches such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, various National Guard Units, federal agencies, and allied forces. The base is currently under the command of Captain S. W. Holmes. Naval Air Station Key West is home to the Fighter Composite Squadron 111, the Strike Fighter Squadron 106 Detachment, the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit Detachment Key West, the U.S Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School, and the Joint Interagency Task Force South. The base is the Navy’s premier pilot training facility for transient tactical aviation squadrons.

    • NAS Pensacola Pensacola

Naval Air Station Pensacola is a naval base located in Escambia County, near Pensacola, Florida. Established in 1913, the station has grown to be the Cradle of Naval Aviation, owing to the number of Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, and Enlisted Crewmen who have undergone flight training in the station. It has since been the traditional home of naval aviation and naval flight training. It is also home to the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels. Naval Air Station Pensacola is also home to the Naval Air and Operational Medical Institute which trains all naval flight medical personnel, and the Naval Air Technical Training Center which trains all aircraft maintenance and aircrews of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

    • NAS Whiting Field Milton

Naval Air Station Whiting Field is one of only two primary pilot training bases of the United States Navy. The base is located in Milton, Florida, and is now considered the busiest Naval Air Station in the world. This holds true because the air station is responsible for 46 percent of the Naval Air Command Chief’s flight time and more than 10 percent of the flight time of the Navy and the Marine Corps. Whiting Field has served as a premier aviation training facility for the Navy since its establishment in July of 1943 and holds the primary mission of training student naval aviators in fixed-wing aviation, and in advanced helicopter training. The base trains 1,200 aviation personnel every year. The base is home to Training Wing Five which has 3 fixed wing training squadrons and one helicopter training squadron.

    • Naval Air Warfare Center Orlando

The Naval Air Warfare Center Training System Division is a unit under the control of the Naval Air Systems Command. It is one of several Air Warfare Centers tasked to provide technical support for the aircraft and airborne weapon systems used by the United States Navy. For its part, the NAWCTD is tasked to develop and procure systems to be used for the training of pilots and other personnel. Aside from air warfare training, the NAWCTD also handles the development of systems for training personnel in surface and undersea operations. The unit also concerns itself with training for specialized tasks, such as sonar operation and firefighting. In order to fulfill its duty, the NAWCTD works closely with other agencies and private companies. The main headquarters of the NAWCTD is located in Orlando, Florida.

    • Naval Hospital Jacksonville Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Naval Hospital is located within NAS Jacksonville. It provides both in-patient and out-patient care to the military personnel of all uniforms stationed in the area. It also extends its services to the families of active servicemen, as well as those of retired personnel. The hospital is the home of the largest Family Physician Training Program for the United States Navy. It also provides for rehabilitation and assistance services for substance addiction through the Naval Addictions Rehabilitation Center. Each year the hospital receives more than 10,000 in-patients and also serves 400,000 out patients. The hospital is currently headed by Capt. Lynn Welling, MC, USN.

    • Naval Hospital Pensacola Pensacola

The Pensacola Naval Hospital serves the personnel assigned at the Pensacola Naval Air Station and their families. It also provides medical services for retired Navy servicemen currently living in the area. Naval Hospital Pensacola administers general medical care, and it also has several specialized surgical departments. The hospital is capable of handling 108 patients at any given time, as well as several out patients. The hospital employs around 2,000 active service personnel as well as several hundred civilian volunteers, it regularly opens its doors for those wishing to help in the hospital’s operations. In recent years, it has received several awards of excellence for its services. The hospital has also been highly commended for its services in the Red Cross. Capt. Richard L. Buck currently leads the hospital’s administration.

    • NS Mayport Duval

Naval Station Mayport is a military base located 7 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida at the mouth of St. Johns River. The station has an asphalt paved airfield named Admiral David L. McDonald Field. Established in December 1942, Naval Station Mayport has expanded extensively and has now been recognized as the third largest United States naval fleet concentration area. The harbor of the base can accommodate 35 ships and the airfield can handle most of the aircraft of the United States air arsenal. The airfield conducts 135,000 sorties annually. Naval Station Mayport is currently under the command of Captain Aaron L. Bowman and is home to the United States 4th Fleet. The base is home to 14,000 active-duty personnel, 45,000 family members, and 1,400 civilian personnel.

    • NSA Panama City Panama City

The Naval Support Activity Panama City in Florida is a research center in Florida aimed at advancing the United States Navy’s littoral, or near shoreline, warfare capabilities. The base houses several departments, each focusing on a particular aspect of shoreline and near shoreline underwater operations. These departments include the National Surface Warfare Panama Division, which is the main research and development division of the base; the Navy Experimental Diving Unit, which assists in the training of Navy scuba divers; and the Navy Diving Salvage and Training center. Much of the research done by the United States Navy on the development of hovercrafts for military purposes is conducted on the base. The NSAPC also actively develops robots used by the Navy for underwater operations. The NSA PC is currently headed by Cmdr. Jessica M. Pfefferkom, its first female commander.

    • Training Center Corry Pensacola

Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center is a military training base located in Pensacola, Florida. It was established in 1923 as Corry Field, an aviation training complex for advanced fighter training. The base is named in honor of Lieutenant Commander William Corry Jr., of the United States Navy in World War I and a Medal of Honor recipient. The naval base is now home to the Navy’s Center for Information Dominance. The CID is the result of the merger of the former Center for Cryptology Corry Station and the Center for Information Technology San Diego. Corry Station employs 606 military personnel as well as 71 civilian employees. 7,500 students are trained in the station each year. The station is also home to the Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola, which provides Cryptology support for units worldwide.

VA guaranteed loans are made by lenders and guaranteed against payment default by the US Government. The Government created the VA loan program as a benefit for those who served in the Armed Forces. The biggest advantage of the VA Loan program is that the borrower can purchase a home with zero down.

Low to no down paymentSome of the key advantages of the VA loan are:

  • Seller contributions are allowed
  • More flexible underwriting (approval)
  • Closing costs that lenders can charge are restricted (e.g. Loan Origination Fee cannot exceed 1%)
  • The VA Funding Fee is waived if the veteran is determined to be “disabled”
  • VA loans are “assumable” to other qualified buyers
  • VA Refinances can be streamlined (less documentation required for approval)
  • Some closing costs may be financed (less out of pocket expenses)
  • The VA loan is guaranteed by the US Government which makes it more desirable for lenders and other institutions

The US Government does not set a limit on the amount of money a veteran can borrow under this program. However, since the loan guarantee is limited most lenders have limits on how much can be borrowed and where there is a down payment requirement on higher loan amount. Here is a list of maximum guaranteed loan limits by State and County.

The veteran must be able to provide a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA to qualify for the loan.

"Thomas went above and beyond to get our mortgage approved. We had a couple of "hiccups" with our VA financing and Thomas was able to get them resolved ... more "
by lbaze2008
"I was hesitant to utilize someone from the internet to obtain my home loan. I even let my real estate agent talk me into going with someone local ... more "
by rmac333
"Thomas martin was a great help with our mortgage . it was a stressful time in our life , but Thomas remained calm through out the whole process which ... more "
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All Information Subject To Change Without Notice and should not be relied on for decision making.

"Thomas went above and beyond to get our mortgage approved. We had a couple of "hiccups" with our VA financing and Thomas was able to get them resolved ... more "
by lbaze2008
"I was hesitant to utilize someone from the internet to obtain my home loan. I even let my real estate agent talk me into going with someone local ... more "
by rmac333
"Thomas martin was a great help with our mortgage . it was a stressful time in our life , but Thomas remained calm through out the whole process which ... more "
by zuser20140303145114251












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All Information Subject To Change Without Notice and should not be relied on for decision making.

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