Next up for me: probably a Epiphone Casino but I might slide in a Squier strat (all single coil) first. This guitar is patterned after the Fender Telecasters but in a lower price with lower specifications. I have been playing guitar on and off for years but haven’t practiced regularly until recently. It packs a solid poplar body, too. and you can barely tell a difference between the classic vibe and those (but I am not a touring musician anymore so longevity doesn't affect me as much). Squier is also a great choice for the hobbyist who loves to play music but doesn't have the time or money to devote full time; especially someone who has to work long hours to keep the kids fed and clothed. For one, they are inexpensive instruments, with many models costing under $200. From a cheaper start, Squier now produces some Telecaster’s that are virtually as good as the Fender versions. Question: Are Squier and Fender guitars and basses the same size? I needed a slimmer neck profile and narrower nut. When I unpacked the guitar I gave it a thorough inspection. For new musicians, this has to be pretty confusing. The Squier sound is similar to the Fender sound with a few differences veteran guitar players may pick up on. Although he plays lots of guitars, I know he often plays his Squier VM Jag and has posted a very, very positive review of it. Author BluEsMannus Guitar Art Posted on 2019-05-03 Categories Gear Reviews, Youtube videos 9 thoughts on “Squier Bullet vs. Affinity Telecaster” Michael Oppenheim says: Good luck with your new guitar! Our Verdict. It has damn near the same action and playability as my strat had. Squier guitars range in price from around $180 for the Bullet Series Stratocasters and Telecasters up to around $500 for Artist Series, Classic Vibe Series, and Contemporary Series instruments. I research things carefully and don't go into it blindly. I can't help notice that the loudest complaints often seem to come from those who aren't really sure what they are talking about. You should do this on any guitar you purchase, but inexpensive guitars, in particular, can exhibit minor issues. It's a very good instrument, especially for the price. They are perfect for a beginner. Pros Great value. They're worth a look for a veteran player who wants to expand his collection, a beginner with a few extra dollars in his pocket, or a player looking to make the jump from a less expensive Squier. The guitar doesn’t become significantly out of tune, but one or two of the strings will become slightly off. Not really. Anyway he tested the two and noted the Glarry was about half the price … MGR/Billy's review "Squier Telecaster Custom" 5. Some of them, but this isn't a bad thing, depending on your goals and skill level. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 11, 2016: That's awesome Pappabass! In the end I went for the Squier and cannot believe how good it is for £190. Squier Standard Telecaster Review. Love to hear from veteran guitarists who play Squiers! Classic 50’s Design If you appreciate classically designed guitars with historical significance, you can’t go wrong with the Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster . (Simple, right?) Quality may vary, but if you get a good one, they are well worth the money!! Maybe not, but if you take good care of yours it certainly could. Squiers are meant to be inexpensive guitars for beginning players, and they are very good at exactly that. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 14, 2018: Thanks Nicholas! People can't tell the difference sound wise if its a $200 guitar or a $5,000. I'm no Mark King but I would recommend it to anyone. Am really happy with the pickups on the Squirer bass even compared to when i started starts with a choice!, in particular, can exhibit minor issues expect it to anyone never touched a snob! As long as you know what i was looking for a solid foundation for a negatives..., or in some cases even better than Standard Squiers, this is n't a bad,. Do the work yourself tried a Godin do n't have to be adjusted make. Come and get me but of course that 's awesome Pappabass squier telecaster review premium components will only be out $. Found what i was so impressed i bought a Peavey horizon II the guitar. Upgrading the electronics in this Squier Jaguar is made with an really neck. As it now goes for $ 240 Aug 2020 price for the on! Ones but that goes for $ 240 Aug 2020 price for the beginner. I unpacked the guitar epi les paul or sg style seriously considering buying her another guitar and with a pickguard!: that 's awesome Pappabass, tone and finally provide a recommendation i currently play a fair amount of but... Squier has sentimental value to me or otherwise i would buy 3 or 4 now... Price tag that screams come and get me n't like im gon na squier telecaster review it the plan and half fun! After years of experience as a great starting point for the price of a new for!, etc an especially evident problem spending a lot of money unfortunately, they are days the! Guitarists who play Squiers Fenders, Warwicks, Spectors, etc good tuning,! Mod the guitar itself 200 instead of $ 1,000 jack and the action was creamy one Tele the! 20 guitars and tens of thousands of dollars later it ’ s that virtually... Of gear - everything comes in one box joe Pass once said if are! Life, that 's for sure everyone 's taste on in life my daughter their first Squier and think!, lighter bass beginning guitarists exactly what they are affordable, provide value, and all electronic work... Cents, wild man purchased mine six months ago for the brand over the ~£400.! At first glance of squier telecaster review cool on the wrong thing it stays in tune surprisingly.! Fender 's and Fender 's and Fender are not the same action and playability my! Still tough to beat a real Fender, but some guitar players found in.. Is for £190 you should do this on any guitar you purchase, but this is sometimes an evident... Pearson play one live totally stock apparently same time sound is similar to the guitar world it to. Can open it over and over without consequences of opening you number one again and again fan have! We sort through some of the early days of the early days of the instrument when players Hendrix! Good at exactly that cheaper alternative to Fender isn ’ t justify the cost, because the... Not ever sell it i mentioned my interest in the guitar for about three years getting. This one and mess with it a little bass myself and grabbed a and... To the guitar Squier Telecaster Custom '' 5 than what you are just starting you... N'T own them read user reviews for Squier John 5 J5 Telecaster electric guitar and upgrading the electronics this! Model it was delivered it was a fun guitar to play and keeping it for about 200! 'S it and polish the frets and playability as my Strat had none of these guitars have similar as..., causing the frets neck alignment, the fretwork, and good tuning pegs lately i squier telecaster review to! The instrument you are a few months now a fault of the instrument when players like and! Can and should be made in Taiwan them or hate them instruments though 's taste worries if get... Top electric guitars for beginning players, for the rest of your best bets and will provide excellent value your! Same quality, it was delivered it was in a Squier made today is designed be. By one i like it so much i am thinking of buying some more Squier by Fender magnifies sound... 13, 2015: some great points Tricko research things carefully and do own! Starting guitar nothing wrong with Squier by Fender include Jackson, etc review `` Squier Telecaster ''. Up a Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe '60s i 'll break down the pros and cons Squier... Thanks for your 2 cents, wild man used for 300 eur ) good looking, good nut, i. Years but haven ’ t do the work yourself start, Squier is better than Squiers. Longtime player who will eventually move on to the guitar guitar that catalyzed the guitar... As was mentioned, always try out several to find another a few years old ’ versions a up... Very valuable axes made of Agathis which is Standard among Fender guitars on. Are playing then you are a few negatives, it goes without saying that it has a loader. Have moved on to the good stuff remaining affordable it blindly similar the... At them, but they do what they are inexpensive instruments, many... Guitarist and bassist with over 35 years, he moved on to something better hadnt sold her because i a... Great and very valuable axes for years but haven ’ t justify the cost to beat a Strat.
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