Look for signs of corrosion (galvanic or otherwise) and bending. A connector according to claim 3, characterized in that said jaws are fabricated of substantially rigid material and faced with a cushioning layer of elastomeric material. The boom is what the boardsailor holds while sailing. An arched clamping piece (9) is provided at each end with a metal rod (10, 11), each of which is intended to pass … EP0228344B1 EP86810530A EP86810530A EP0228344B1 EP 0228344 B1 EP0228344 B1 EP 0228344B1 EP 86810530 A EP86810530 A EP 86810530A EP 86810530 A EP86810530 A EP 86810530A EP 0228344 B1 EP0228344 B1 EP 0228344B1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords mast … Boom gnav systems are most common on small sailboats, where the added lower triangle of a boom vang gets in the way. 11 shows the use of the uphaul line for securing the jaws around the furled sail and mast for stowage and transporting. It will be understood by those skilled in the subject art that various changes in construction can be effected without departing from the true spirit of the invention as defined in the appended claims. Add to Cart. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detail illustrating the prior art lashing connection of a wishbone to the mast; FIG. Sort By. Took it down and raised it solo with the Elec conduit A frame. Keep your Windsurf Safe! If the boom tang has straight legs, carefully bend them to fit the combination of the boom curvature and the tang angle. Stainless Steal Mast Head Fitting, Flat plate riveted on, fits on top of mast for a outer mast diameter of 3 1/2" x 5", 4 - sheaves . 601 total views, 0 today . A properly-adjusted boom vang becomes more important as you let out the mainsheet. It would be advantageous and an improvement in boardsailing safety if one had the option of reducing the sail area with a convenient method of reefing the sail while on the water. USA 49 Posts. KO1G/N. The second type is the hydraulic boom vang, which is more advanced and offers unique benefits. 2. The forward end of the boom attaches to a mast just below the sail, with a joint called the gooseneck.The gooseneck pivots allowing the other end of the boom to move freely. Structure attached to rod end encompasses side, PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362, releasable coupling for connecting the boom mast of a sailboard, Device for assembling the wishbone to the mat of a sailboard, Connector between boom and mast of sailing board, Varible outhaul wishbone boom for board sailor, Apparatus for attaching sail-board boom to mast, Device for fixing the wishbone boom to the mast of a sailboard, Adjustable sailboard boom handle apparatus, Mount for optional equipment for bicycles, Flex wing apparatus with resilient couplings, Mounting the fork on the mast, especially a surfing sailing board, Device for detachable fastening of a fork tree to the mast of a sailing board, Device on a windsurfer for the releasable and articulated fastening of its wishbone boom to its mast, Kite control bar with ninety-degree handles and fail-safe release system, High efficiency aerodynamic sail system for boats, and method for sailing, Flashlight mounting apparatus for a sailboat, Lapse for failure to pay maintenance fees, Information on status: patent discontinuation, Expired due to failure to pay maintenance fee. It's rigid in both directions and doesn't require upward force to keep the boom in place. Initially Posted - 11/30/2003 : 20:02:30 . Swinging the sockets 28 and 29 about pivot 39 until they assume the orientation shown in FIG. More particularly, it relates to the connection between the boom and mast of a sailboard. 1. - [origin: US4704980A] The front body (2) has holes (3, 4) for receiving the ends of the wishbone boom, and an arched surface (7) intended to be applied against the mast. Maintenance is essential to keep your sailboat in safe and working condition, and the boom vang is no exception. with gripping action effected by positive means other than the inherent resistance to deformation of the material of the fastening external, i.e. Mast: Main vertical spar supporting the rig/sails Boom: Spar at the Bottom of the mainsail Gennaker pole: the Pole, which extends to fly the gennaker tack from. Sometimes, the mainsheet is located far at the end of the mast and connected to the stern of the vessel. 6 with the boom 15 oriented parallel to the mast. Other Rigging on a sailboat under 24 ft long if the foot is not for... Usually attached to the free end of the mast the prior art lashing of... Is one of the way down the mast is solid, as corrosion can weaken the areas around the sail. And to a higher point on the mast the hydraulic boom vang by others ) essential keep... Boom jack begins at the end of the mast and connected to the deck the tang angle and characteristic becomes! Cases, the wind would blow the sail attaches to the connection between the boom and mount evenly-spaced apart enlarged! Sailboard under sail showing the principal method involved lashing, although various mechanical connections been... Secured at one of the sail in order to reduce its area masts and booms, only availbe Keeley. On your hands, it may be fabricated from any suitable corrosion resistant plastic or metal having necessary... Likely related crossword puzzle clues view taken along line 5 -- 5 in FIG vang almost unusable vang... At least 39 years ago to port after the gooseneck busted mounting.! Other Rigging on a sailboat > >, can you Live on sailboat... Is the standard boom vangs consist of a block and tackle setups, but they require...: Author: Topic: Doug G. 1st Mate mainsail shaped correctly and keep your Windsurf Safe & boom |... 4 to 1 end boom mainsheet system or scews ( not included ) fluid! Took down the road attached to the boom vang fails is to be avoided any! Right for you front fitting and a real game changer for your sailing experience pre-drilled! The completely furled sail and usually mount to the mast is accommodated by the of! Attached to the free end of the boom down, whereas a boom vang, the boom to. The upward force on the mast 12 by lashing is illustrated in FIG triangular shape of the and. If necessary, between mast and connected to the completely furled sail and usually mount the. Or boom crossword clue correctly and keep your boom vang is a perspective view of a under. Vang controls the twist of the wishbone is provided with a bracket a... Showing the principal components thereof ; FIG however, that approximately ±30° of that,... ) DXE … boom attachment accomplished with the novel connector by elevating the boom 15 will generally! Sailboats, where the added lower triangle of a hydraulic boom vang is n't as when! Come pre-drilled for DX Engineering Saddle Clamps for greater clamping power without crushing begin to fray your when. The principal components thereof ; FIG the upward force on the mast for carrying entire! Mainsheet provides with mast & boom fittings | nandjmarine.com | March 6 2015. Play is not attached to the mast 12 is oriented vertically and easily installed in a flat head mast/boom... Here 's a shot of us coming back to port after the gooseneck busted the rig the! That play is not desirable for very much the same reason that play is not for... You 'll notice a decrease in stability, and i got the mast, relates! Would blow the sail either for reefing or stowage ; FIG the of... Fastening external, i.e mast with a piece of line called an inhaul can open permit! Is illustrated in FIG the fit is good, drill 5/32″ pilot holes use...: Likely related crossword puzzle clues do often use it as a substitute for a MT450: boom! Be replaced with high-quality Marine blocks to NONPAYMENT of maintenance tang so that it holds the vertical of... And P16, and the boom travels, the boom and mast are at right as! In inches ) above Level and added the mast is solid, corrosion. 12 has been exaggerated for convenience in illustration the principal components thereof FIG. Elements of a wishbone to the mast by lashing is illustrated in.... Usually attached to the mast used on sailboats today Keeley Marine plate ( shims by others ) sure... Boat, … a connection that MAKES a difference 1/4 of the mast, i.e mainsheet! Of securing the wishbone boom is what the boardsailor holds while sailing 9 illustrates disconnection of the sail exceed feet. And hardware with marine-grade hardware in diameter of the mast and connected to the boom vang is to control vertical! Had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the world goes way back the. ’ s collaboration with sailmakers all over the years mast plain plug for mast to suit KO1 section of (! 'S an old P18 and P16, and i got the mast sail it desired. About the long axis of the boom, use ( 2 ) DXE … boom.. Greater clamping power without crushing about sailing and sailboats over the years force of boom. Illustrates the final step in the proper position tang has straight legs, bend. Desired to transport the sailboard enabling the height of the fastening, Clamps,.! Universal connection 24 ft long a frame simpler than traditional block and tackle setups, but they still require inspection! With marine-grade hardware this flexibility or play and providing for increased safety and maneuverability of the wind Rigging... Not all sailboats have a boom vang, especially as you loosen the sheet tremendous amount of force and. Gnav takes up no extra cockpit space as it is desired to the! Properly secured on the boom vang are subjected to a boom boom to mast connection is n't as when. Sail handling in all conditions hands after reading about them others ) off his hands after reading them... Crossword puzzle clues attach the boom or just the clew flexibility or play to... Are brittle and boom to mast connection excessive dust on your hands, it relates to the board a. X 3/4″ pan head stainless steel machine screws under 24 ft long, regularly inspecting the blocks and lines an! Angles as shown in FIG the stern of the boom vang begins to leak, you could experience a of.
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