No.1 supplier in financed projects 100% bankable Years in the Solar Industry. From a system point of view, SiC MOSFET/Si hybrid solutions are the best choice with respect to performance and cost. Minimizing the loop inductance at the system level is a key lever for optimizing the overall system performance. Compared to the conventional market offering of around 2MW, this 4MW block size means less inverter power stations leading to reduced construction costs and time, along with a significant reduction in operating expense. GE has been selected by Toyo Engineering Corporation on behalf of the project owner, GK KS Power 1, a special purpose vehicle consortium by GE Energy Financial Service and K-Energy, to provide its 1,500-volt inverters to build the 24-megawatt (MW) solar plant project located in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It allows operating the inverter in an almost circular P-Q diagram without a derating on the SiC devices. The diagram is given in Figure 8. SOLAR WARE 3200 is one of the largest central PV inverter in the 1500V power class. All measurements and simulations were done with the current prototypes. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. GE LV5 1500V series: As the world’s first 1500-volt solar inverter in the market, the LV5 solution provides a host of benefits compared to the current standard market offering of 1,000-volt inverters. Part of GE’s ongoing developments in power electronics technology, the ProSolar inverter builds on extensive experience of designing and Photovoltaic systems have seen enormous growth during the last decade. INGECON SUN Power (1000V/1500V) A three-phase central PV inverter family at … GE and Looop Co., Ltd.’s Partnership Marks the Entry of 1,500-Volt Solar Technology in Japan’s Solar Market. The company wants to improve Page 2/12. For the 2-level configuration with two modules per leg (2L-2M) the power of 800 kW per inverter looks feasible, whereas the three-modules configuration (2L-3M) offers the possibility to reach 1200 kW. The extended overload temperature (TvjOL) allows the device to be used up to TvjOL=175°C for short periods of time, to cope with short-term overload operation during grid fault events. Multilevel topologies such as NPC1 constructed using single power modules face various challenges. Because of these contradictory requirements, NPC1 or A-NPC multilevel topologies are the preferred solutions today [4]. 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The SMA Sunny Central 2500-EV and 2500-EV-US inverters are designed specifically for 1,500V PV power plants. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. It is beneficial if only two workers are able to carry and install the system. The clear focus is set on the MW-range of solar central inverters with VDC=1500 V and results in the new 2300 V Si-IGBT and 2300 V Si-Diode voltage class. By paralleling, the output power is increased accordingly. The three-module NPC2 delivers 33 percent higher output power with the same number of modules as needed for the NPC1 topology. The temperature of the CoolSiC MOSFET (T5) is typically the highest but still well below 150°C. But this synergy is just the beginning. OuR centeR OF eXcellence FOR sOlaR Pv: GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH Culemeyerstrasse 1 d-12277 Berlin Germany cOntact us * At rated AC operating voltage ** Nominal power up to 1000m lv5+ sOlaR ehOuse sOlutiOn inPut data MAX. GE and Looop Partner on 1500V PV Inverters for Japan April 12, 2017 by Jeff Shepard. It is practically independent of the power factor. • • The LV5+Solar Inverter is one of the industry’s leading 1500V developments and is GE’s latest evolution in renewable power electronics. LV5 1500V Solar Inverter. Implementing the new chipset in the PrimePACK™ 3+ housing, a new high current power module in half-bridge (FF) configuration with a nominal current rating of 1800 A is feasible and results in the new module type FF1800R23IE7 with full current rated IGBTs and full current rated diodes. results “DSD evolved our operations efforts with a beautiful solution — designed specifically for our needs — that dramatically lowered our energy costs and reduced our carbon emissions.” The inverter can be directly connected with the public grid to save the cost of grid connection. GE’s Reservoir is a flexible, compact energy storage solution for AC or DC coupled systems. With the four separate module-internal bus bars of the PrimePACK 3+ package, a low parasitic inductance is achieved with high current carrying capability at the same time. A GE 1500V inverter. This allows combining all parts in one EasyPACK 2B module, which supports compact designs and high power density. GE is the first inverter supplier to introduce 1500V inverters this into the solar market and we are already supplying solar projects, enabling them to become more cost-effective. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Because of all these challenges in this field of applications, Infineon Technologies developed a new voltage class [5] for power modules without all these restrictions. The XGI 1500 inverters are the most powerful 1500VDC string inverters in the PV market and have been engineered for both distributed and centralized system architecture. IFEEC 2017-ECCE Asia 2017, F. Umbach, P. Brandt, S. Mansueto, W. Rusche, A. Korzenietz et al. For a worst-case peak voltage investigation, the full system operating voltage from DC(+) to DC(-) with VDC_System=1500 V is applied in an exemplary lab measurement. These excellent results offer the opportunity to operate these power modules without overvoltage limitation during regular operation conditions and offer a flexible design possibility at the same time. NEW YORK -- (BUSINESS WIRE)-- First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) and GE's Power Conversion business (NYSE:GE) are utilizing their recently established technology and … GE Energy Connections’s Power Conversion business will provide its latest LV5 1500V solar inverters, both at 2MW and 4MW, to equip solar farms in various locations across the U.S.A. The Reservoir solution combines GE’s advanced technologies and expertise in plant controls, power electronics, battery management systems and electrical balance of plant – all backed by GE’s performance guarantees. This device needs to handle high currents during the regular operation as well as overload conditions during grid fault events. All-in-one containerized solar power solution. Depending on the topology, not necessarily every switch has to be based on SiC. Revolutionary new PV Central Inverter for the Solar Industry. Could a Lease Culture Help Reduce Solar Panel Waste? Boasting a compact design and best-in-class conversion…. GE Energy Management 1500V PV Inverters to 1GW Solar Portfolio. The Solar Builder annual Solar PV Inverter Buyer’s Guide is a chance to check in with all of the inverter manufacturers – from the market leaders to the up-and-comers – to get a sense of how their technology has evolved and what new products are now available for installation. The resulting overvoltage peak is only ΔVce=312 V and results in VCEpeak=1812 V under these conditions which are far below the 2300 V. This new 2300 V PrimePACK 3+ power module can be combined with a further new 1200 V PrimePACK 3+ module in a common collector configuration to achieve a high current solution in a 3L-NPC2 topology. With more than 23 years of experience in the development and production of photovoltaic inverter technology, Sungrow is the world's leading provider of intelligent energy solutions. At the time of a shrinking feed-in-tariff, Japanese energy companies are concentrated on improving their technology to enable more cost-effective solar energy. General Electric SolarEdge Technologies All Others Total Shipments: 79.7 GWac *Estimate Figure 3: 2016 Global PV Inverter Market Shares by Shipments (MWac) Source: GTM Research. One reason solar power has been relatively expensive—even though the fuel is free—is that some of it gets lost in the DC/AC conversions. In Figure 4, the measured peak voltages VCEpeak are shown for both devices at 750 V, room temperature, and rated device currents based on the most recent sample status for both devices. GE ProSolar 1500V DC Inverter Delivers More Power than Industry Standard Systems First Solar Module Designed for Efficiency in 1500V DC Applications March 19, … So far, the company has obtained nearly 1 GW of orders in Brazil and expects to deliver in total roughly 500 MW by the end of 2017 to support local solar farms. Silicon Carbide (SiC) enables more efficient solar inverters. GE Energy Management’s Power Conversion business will provide its latest LV5 1500V solar inverters, both at 2MW and 4MW, to equip solar farms in various locations across the US. A cost-efficient way for a special adaptation of the A-NPC topology to optimally combine Infineon´s CoolSiC™ 1200-V MOSFET with TRENCHSTOP IGBT technology is proposed. Other inverters used for 1,500V DC voltages are often equipped with only one 1,700V IGBT. This is becoming a more important requirement in utility PV applications. Transistors T5 and T6 consist of CoolSiC MOSFETs with internal body diodes. Copyright © 2020 Novus Media Today Group, LLC. A significant advantage of the proposed modulation scheme, in combination with the A-NPC topology, is the ability to work in an almost circular P-Q diagram without a current derating on the SiC devices. The outdoor central inverter solution SG3600UD-MV for 1500V system is optimized for utility-scale installations, featuring a high DC/AC ratio up to … Along with this, Schneider Electric offers complete electrical balance of system solutions to connect your inverters to the grid. Unmatched efficiency. Sun: “Design of NPC1 power stack beyond megawatt for 1500V solar inverter application”, Proc. Over 100 GW of 1500V solar inverters to be shipped in next 2 years Over the last decade, the cost of solar PV has dropped dramatically, and the technology can now compete with conventional power generation in many regions. This paper investigates 1500 V solar inverters with a focus on dc-bus voltage range extension capabilities through novel modulation and power devices utilization. He is skilled in the field of power electronics, product management, and in semiconductors. Using the modulation scheme presented in [7], Fgure 6 b), the IGBTs only reverse the polarity of the fundamental output voltage and are switched with grid frequency (50/60 Hz). GE’s LV5 inverter technology occupies a smaller footprint while enabling cost savings and ensures efficient and smooth operation with full flexibility. For the simulation, not the worst-case maximum operation voltage but more application relevant reduced bus voltage of VDC=1200 V for the PV system is assumed. All rights reserved. “Combining the benefits of SiC T-MOSFET and Si IGBT in a novel ANPC power module for highly compact 1500-V grid-tied inverters”, PCIM Europe, 2019. A significant advantage results from the chosen modulation scheme in combination with the ANPC topology. The high operating voltage of 1500V results in the requirement of a low, cosmic radiation-induced failure rate [3], with high system efficiency for the power devices at the same time. Website design and build by MM Design. Create one now. GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH Solar Inverter Series ProSolar. Input Characteristics, Central Inverters, DC: Output Characteristics (AC) PV Array Power Range (kWp) 1050: Rated Power (kW) 4000: Voltage Range MPPT With respect to such regular and irregular operation conditions, as well as to provide the opportunity for achieving maximum power, the new device FF2400RB12IE7 provides a nominal current rating of ICnom=2400 A. The effective voltage for these measurements from DC(+) to neutral (NPC) and from neutral (NPC) to DC(-) results in VDC=750 V because of VDC=VDC_System/2. GE has confirmed that it is to begin establishing its LV5 1500V solar inverters throughout its territories towards the end of the year. The CC topology is designed for the bidirectional switch in the NPC path of a 3 level NPC2 topology. " /> In contrast to other SiC MOSFETs in the market, no external SiC FWDs are needed.
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